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Greetings! I am super excited about getting to know other indie beauticians! I opened my own independent artisan perfumery back in June of last year as a side business (main job: sociologist), but sales are heating up to the point that this may become my full-time job by the end of the year!

I currently work out of my home and sell through my website and in local boutiques. I make custom perfume for people, some of whom resell the fragrances at their own local boutiques. But I'm also working on creating a home party business where consultants help others make custom fragrances in their homes - like Pampered Chef, but for perfume making!

Looking forward to getting to know other like-minded individuals, on the mad path to indie beauty success!

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Hi Angela,

Thrilled to have you as one of our newest IBN members and a participant here too. I love the new perfume product photos you added to the site. They are all lovely -- I especially admire the perfume pendants. So sweet!



Yeah, so glad you joined IBN, Angela - you will love it! Like I'd mentioned, this is a fabulous group that's always willing to provide support, resources and encouragement.  I know you and your business will be well received here. I need to send you an email about the project we're working on, so I'll do that right now!

Yay!  Another perfumer! Welcome Angela!

Another perfumista! Love your design.  Looking forward to hearing more about you! Mary


Welcome Angela! There's so much to delve into around here. Jump in with both feet and have fun!



IBN Local Director - Chattanooga, TN

Welcome aboard Angela..this is a great group to be a part of. I lvoe your photo you have posted!



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