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Greetings Everyone, I am an apprentice trying to learn and soak up as much info as I possibly can.  Not even sure if I am doing this correctly, so please have some patience with me.

I have a few questions, for anyone that wants to take the time and help me out, it is all appreciated.
My interest at this time is working on natural sugar scrubs.  I purchased some PET jars and am playing around with grapeseed oil, aloe vera oil and sunflower oil along with lemon essential oil. Smells great, feels good on the skin, but sometimes a bit too greasy. Any suggestions to add or remove anything that would help with that?

Also, the jars are leaking, not the sugar but the oil is dripping out of it. I am leaving enough room and it's not like they are getting tossed around, but they continue to slowly drip oils. Am I doing something wrong? I am using wide mouth 4 ounce jars from SKS with the inner seal.

Thank you everyone, have a fantastic weekend and again I really hope to learn from all of you and become a full member. By the way, are there any factories in the NY area that you can actually purchase from? Thanks again .

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Hi Barbara,

Please check our Events Calendar where IBN members post their soap and cosmetics-making classes. Some are online and others are in different locations around the country.

In particular, look for classes taught by Joan Morais, Lori Nova or Marla Bosworth. All of them are great. Joan and Marla also offer consultations as well so that's also an option.

If you plan to turn your hobby into a business, I invite you to join the INDIE Beauty Network where we can help you you can turn your passion into a profitable business! Our Apprentice membership is just $125 a year. You can get more details here.

What exactly do you want to purchase from factories in New York? Are you looking for supplies? Ingredients?

We're happy to help and you'll find this is a super friendly and fun community!

Thanks for your reply dM. I did join your Apprentice Membership program. Supplies and ingredients, jars, carrier oils, essential oils. I would truly love to turn my passion into a business and that is why I joined the INDIE Beauty Network. I figured that if I want to succeed then I need to learn and be where all the experts are.
Thank you.
A Label question: I purchased round waterproof labels for natural sugar scrubs. It is intended to be used in the bath or shower so I thought I needed waterproof labels. My problem is getting them printed. I took them to my local Staples and it screwed up their printer. Does everyone use waterproof labels for products in the bath area, or don't you bother? If you do use it, how are you doing it without messing up printers? Thank you all and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!
I make regular labels and put a clear protective adhesive. Label over that
The grapeseed oil is all u really need not to thick or to thin and great for.the skin and carries scent very well
Thanks for your reply. What is a clear protective adhesive, and where do you buy it?  Is that like a full sheet (1 label) clear? That makes it waterproof? Also, about the oils: isn't it better to use an assortment of oils for the different properties they each bring to the table and the different benefits to the skin? Thanks again.
It is a clear label sheet u can find at office depot and the oils, are you buying them separate. And mixing them yourself?
Thanks for the reply. I am buying all my oils separate.  As far as the labels go, a clear label sheet printed on would smear in the shower unless it is waterproof.
no i print my labels on regular white labels and just use the clear as a protector for water and oil. there are disc that you can use for sealing your closure to prevent spilling, as for mixing your own oil there are blends you can use that has a lot of different oils blended together so you dont have to worry about mixing it yourself, go to massage warehouse .com and check out there oil swedish effleurage oil it a mix of grapeseed,jojoba,almond and coconut oil with vitamin e. i think it will work out find for you and the consistency will be better. keep me posted


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