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One question I receive frequently is how to tell whether or not a person you are interacting with here at Indie Social is a member of the Indie Beauty Network. Until now, there's been no official way to tell by looking at the avatar of profile page. But now there is. (This is a new site feature, so it may have a few glitches as we roll it out. If you find any, post to the comment area and let us know so we can fix it!)

I am pleased to announce that, effective today, participants at our social networking site who are also current members in good standing of the Indie Beauty Network have a special badge on their avatar!

Don't they look super!? IBN members are also now displayed at this special member page.

The badges are added exclusively to the avatars at Indie Beauty Network member pages.

Now, it's easy to know whether or not you are interacting with an IBN member. This eliminates the need for members to say "IBN Member" on their profile page. In fact, if you see a page that says "IBN Member" and there is no badge, it means that the person is not a current member of the Indie Beauty Network.

Why An IBN Member May Not See A Badge On Your Avatar

The only exception is if a person is not displaying a clear photograph of themselves at their page. If someone is a member, but they are displaying a clear photo of anything other than their smiling face (we've seen cats, dogs, candles, landscapes ...), the IBN member badge will not be applied. As professionals in business, it is important to display a photo of you as your avatar so people can know who they are doing business with.

Another reason the badge may not be there is because we may have made a mistake. We will fix it if so!

If you are an IBN member and you do not see the icon added to your avatar, you can post a comment below and we'll make sure it's fixed -- just make sure your avatar is a photo of you and that your full name is used.

NOTE: This badge is exclusively for use at this social networking site. If you wish to display that you are an Indie Beauty Network member at your website, please get the "Member of" graphic.

You can designate name alone: Donna M. Johnson


You can designation name and business: Donna M. Johnson - ABC Company

We hope you like the new member badges!

Indie Beauty Network members can opt out of displaying the badge by email us at indiebusiness [at] gmail [dot] com.

Let us know what you think!


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I don't have one that I can see (???).


Just added it. You might consider swapping out your photo for one that is a higher resolution. The one here now is lovely, but quite blurry. Feel free to substitute a more clear version of you!



The badges do "look super" and are going to be helpful!

Glad you like it, Mary!

People often contact us because they want to connect with others here, but also want to know if they are connecting fellow IBN members because sometimes, that's important information. This makes it super easy to tell and I'm very excited about how easy it helps IBN members connect and collaborate.


I think mine might have gotten left off too. Denis Baker.

Yours is added, Denis! Looks super I think! (I know I owe you a reply about IBN's sponsorship program. Sorry for the delay. I will email you shortly, and if you're interested, let's talk. Thanks Denis!)

Don't see mine either...

We added it for you!

Woot! Thanks, dM!

I see mine! I love it!!!

Looking good! Congrats on your site launch today!

Thanks..It was fun and exciting all at the same time. I feel now as if I can breathe.


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