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Indie Sisters,


I have an opportunity to be a vendor at an outdoor festival. I have concerns about some of my products sitting and melting in the heat. I am wondering how those of you who showcase and sell your products outside keep the products from melting.


I appreciate your help



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Merilyn, where did you get dry ice pellets from? I have came across the blocks but never the pellets..thanks
The outdoor Farmers Market in our city is fantastic! I sip water to keep cool; and I keep product that is likely to melt in the shade (or keep some out for show and some under the table -- then rotate them back and forth occasionally). Our ez-up is made by Carovan -- excellent tent and optional sides which allow you to control the sun a little better. I did have some lotion bars melt a bit -- but I can always use these as samplers at the next show.
I make sure my pricing includes sales tax so that transactions go more quickly. Bring a ton of small bills/change (our market has ATM machines and people pay with $20 bills again and again!!
Be friendly, talk about what makes your product unique/special. Set out a notebook for people to sign up for "newsletter"; set out business cards; have a banner; etc.! Enjoy!
I like the notebook idea. Keeping in touch with customers is the most important contact.

After all the discussion, preparation and lots of advice.......................it is RAINING cats and dogs!!!!! Can you all believe it. Thank you all so much for all the encouragement, advice....Love~Love

Torrian, I guess that means it was cancelled. Well, now you will have to let us know if you decide to do another one and how it goes- in the heat of it all. :) Keep Strong! ~Sarah~

Yes it was cancelled. And the decision is made....I will not do any outdoor events.

Ladies this is awesome advice! may i ask how you ship your products in the hot weather with out it totally melting??
Hi Torrian,
I'm late in responding - just found your post - in starting out, at times we have to grab whatever shows we can to get our product "out there". As much as outdoor markets require a lot of thought and preparation, that's where I've 'gotten most of my customers who have been with me for years (nothing like face to face / selling what we love). With that said, I pack my "perishables" in coolers with ice / tightly secured within ziploc bags. If needed, I also leave off the label until the product is sold, at which time I apply it. Customers appreciate "freshly made". The only times I will fold with outdoor markets is "high wind and rain". The only advice I have for those conditions is to "pack up and 'git while the 'gitten is good". xo
Best of luck

I live in the desert (Palm Springs, Ca.) It is very hot. I make all my body creams from scratch and they seperate and melt in the heat. I have a street fair booth from sept. to may. when it gets hot the only way I can sell my creams is to keep in a cooler in zip lock bags so the container and labels do not get wet. to display you can buy stanless steel food containers pack with ice and put samples in that. when it is too hot i bring a small amount of products. I do not sell soaps. but I a know a vendor who has a booth year round in the palm springs heat. look on wholesale supplies plus soaps. if you are doing melt and poor i think it is the clear glycerin that sweat not the opaques? there was another vender selling soaps for  had no problem with melting. They make there soaps with lye and from scratch email me for more info donna3614@aol.com

I had an outdoor festival experience I'd like to share. The music was so loud I couldn't talk to my customers. We had to yell in each others ears, which made it hard to sell my product benefits.. Even my hard of hearing 93 year old mother in law was uncomfortable.


I'll never be close the the music again. Be careful. Yes, I lost money on this festival. Probably won't go back.

We left early because the music was so miserable.


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