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Hi everybody,

I am in the process of choosing label colors. I had previously thought it was a no-brainer and I would stay with one color to save on printing set up costs, but after recieving my examples of a zillion colors for me to choose from I now want to maybe move ahead with different colors for each scent. The colors were so pretty I can't chose just one darnit! The labels themselves would only be two colors each still (meaning a backround color and the color of the wording.) The colors are all very bold and rich.


So I guess my question is would having all sorts of different colors be distracting to the customer? A turn off for the retailer? And what the heck do I do with the items which don't fit into the color/scent sceme?

ie: salves, various aromatherapy sprays that would not have a partner lotion/salt etc? Would it be better to make all salts one color, all lotions one color, all sprays one color etc??? Any advise or suggestions from personal experience out there?

Thanks a bunch for any feedback. I'm stalled with indecision now....


Goddess Thyme Botanicals

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Hi Kerry

You've written a comment for one of my photographs. I haven't really been on this site since I put the photographs in back in July, and today was the first time I saw your comment and question. So please forgive me for not answering. I assume you have already chosen your labels, since your post here is from April. But your message to me was on July 23, so maybe this can still be useful information.  The gold labels are nice, they stand out and they are expensive, difficult to print on (no printer wants to touch them unless they come in rolls pre-printed), they smear, it is hard to photograph them due to reflections, and although I like them they have been a nuisance. I do not recommend going this route. To answer your question due to the fact that no-one really wants to print my labels, I've been making them myself. Hope this is helpful


Rosemira Organics

feeding your skin gorgeous

Hi Mira

I'm still working on my labels! I have been recently having the printer experiment with gold lettering and have not been satisfied with anything he has come up with. I had such a vision which I'm not sure is going to work out anymore for alot of the reasons you stated. The reflection is terrible, especially on mine because I have a 1/4 or so band that runs along the bottom. The gold lettering is hard to read. He did try a more matte gold but it just looks "brassy" to me. So its put me in a funk and I'm exploring other options. Maybe just doing the lettering in white. I'm kind of stuck with this printer (he does a friends companys labels and is local) because he will print ANY amount I need, so very low minimums , and he is very inexpensive even with these low minimums. He does great work but is also a little flaky so pinning him down to experiment with different lettering colors has been interesting but in the end his set up fees are small and if I get 10 labels or 100 he only charges me like .65 cents a label so I can't go wrong. Thanks for your feedback as it seems now that gold is not the way to go!


Goddess Thyme Botanicals

Good question!

As someone who only uses black on clear labels and no color in the product label, I would suggest starting with different colors for your line (if you don't have a ton of scents). It is easier for the shopper and retailer. People can identify your product and their flavors (as I like to call them) much more quickly and without effort. I found that once people understood how I did my labeling, it was fine, but I think you have to treat customers like they are not very bright because they don't have a lot of time and you want to capture their attention. At this point, unless I wanted to change my look completely and start over, I am a little stuck! Good luck!

Thanks jennifer. Yes I do think you have to make it a no-brainer for the customer. Most people arn't like me where I pick up a jar and read every ingredient , inspect the artwork etc!  I feel like I'm taking forever contemplating my labels but I'm kind of glad its taken me so long because I have made so many changes to my products during this time period that its been worth it. Its really given me time to see how long certain things will last shelf life wise.


When I look for ideas for labels and colour I don't think you can go past wine bottles. I don't drink much but if I buy a bottle of wine its usually because of the label rather than the price.

They have some great graphics and colours.


Oh gosh Estelle you are so right. That is exactly how I buy wine. By the interesting labels or the pretty labels. Maybe some of the colors will inspire me. Better get working on it!

Thank you for your advice.



Oh isn't it fun developing your look and your signature design!?!  Like some have mentioned, customers want easy and quick to find. It seems people have 2 speeds for daily living, 0mph or 200pmh.  Not alot of in between.  Color coding is great, not only for the customer but also for you in keeping your stock organized and convenient.  Here is an idea. Take it with a grain of salt.  You could color code and coordinate your like scents in various products with a single, simple symbol that is color coded. What do I mean?  Choose a symbol and color code that. So let's say your labeling is white or clear or even a subtle color with black text. Let's say you offer a few products in lavender and a few in eucalyptus and a few in sweet orange. Now let's say that you take an elongated oval and use that as your "symbol". Make it the background of your "fragrance" on your labeling. Your "LAVENDAR" is sitting on an oval bed of lavender, your "EUCALYPTUS" is sitting on a bed of silvery green and your "SWEET ORANGE" sits on a bed of orange. Or a single stripe down one side in the fragrance color coding colors or even an symbol or image in the upper left corner (people's eyes tend to travel from left to right) in your color coding colors.  I won't take long, especially if you make a point of pointing it out, before people will get it and begin to look for the color coded symbol to find their favorite. 


If you have a simple image that represents Goddess Thyme Botanicals, people will quickly learn that symbol and look for it. As with the IBN leaf symbol in the IBN logo or the "swish" associated with Nike.  If you color code that symbol, then they recognize the symbol and the color for what they want.


As smart as people are, they still think simply and child-like in many cases.  Shopping is one of those cases.  They want to get in and out quickly with little thinking involved.


Hopefully this will help you broaden your idea bank and get those wheels to turning


><>Ginger from the Chattanooga, TN area

Thank you Ginger. This is a great idea. I have thought of just having my logo change with my scents. Although since I have got far enough at this point backround color wise I would have to change everything that I have made decisions on up to this point! But since nothing is set in stone so to speak, I could still do it and I would rather have something I love from the start then trying to change it all later. I'm actually glad this process has taken me so long as I have made so many changes in my final product line . Thank you for all your great info!

Hi Kerry wondered if you could recommend an all natural lab for manufacturing my product. I read somewhere i while ago that you used one.

I would appreciate any help.




Hi jane. I make most of my stuff in house but have used some of Essential Wholesales bases. They have a fantastic selection of "natural" bases of all sorts. creams, lotions, serums etc. They have organic bases and they have bases using whatever preservatives you are comfortable with . They also do contract manufacturing etc. They can fill using your formulation or theirs with your scents and additives. whatever you want. They were who I was going to use prior to hitting a hiccup in my business regarding my creams and lotions. I developed severe sensitivities to essential oils! Something I have worked with for 12 years so right now I'm in the process of researching fragrance oils, something I never in a 100 years thought I would do.  I believe their website is www.essentialwholesale.com   I believe all their products are challenge tested etc. They can cover every aspect of your manufacturing process with very low minimums. Good luck. And I bet if you start a new topic on this you could get some more places to research. Aqua tech may be one?


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