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I am having such a hard time with labels, what a headache!!!
I'm looking for a good label software, I need something that I can design my labels front and back using the FDA requirement. Is there an easy way to do that?? I need a program that you can just open the template and you can just add the ingredients in the right place, with the right font, what a nightmare.... I have being doing research for a while now, and it is very hard to find a software just for labels, I did find one from the "print shop Labels & logos", Does anyone know if it is a good program???

Is there an easier way to do the labels, front and back with the ingredients, not just the template but designing also?

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The only issue I've found with the software you mentioned is it doesnt save in high-enough quality resolution for when you use an outside printer, Honestly, Maestro by Online Labels has been super successful for me -combine it with 'borrowed' images using Snag-It I have created wonderful, professional looking labels. Unfortunately, I just took down my previous business website where you could have viewed many of those I created and sold (well) my products with. But it really isnt hard to create great labels using Maestro -then once you save them as PDF (in their Print feature) -just go to your Documents and save them as Adobe PDF's and have them printed at your local Office Supply store - use the benefit of their color ink and laser quality finishing.
I get labels from OnlineLabels.com and use their Maestro softare.  Clipart I have a subscription to:  iclipart.com  Both are super easy to use!


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