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Hi Ladies,

I've been searching and comparing the best sources for organic ingredients, particularly shea butter. I'm loving a few sellers in particular, however, they're not certified organic though they follow organic practices, so I wouldn't be able to list it as organic on my label. 

Any suggestions for sources of Certified Organic Unrefined Shea?

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Oh - I should add that this whole issue of metal contamination in shea could be controlled at the processing site if someone bothered to teach the handling methods and provide proper tools to the woman making these butters. i have talked to a UN group about this, maybe we'll make some progress then we could have better quality products coming out of the she projects.

best - Gay
Good for you Bridgette, making an effort to formulate with certified organic ingredients!! Have you considered getting your facility certified as well, so that you can label your products themselves as "certified organic"?

There are many within the cosmetics industry who are thrilled that Whole Foods just announced that their new policy for organic claims on cosmetics.

What this means is, by June 1, 2011, cosmetics will either have to be third-party certified to USDA organic standards or stop making front-label organic claims.

Hopefully this will "surely have ripple effects through the industry and even impact the course the USDA will take."


Thanks for this. Yes, I will be seeking certification soon.
I know Larry at VT soap sells Raw Unrefined Shea Butter wholesale. I spoke to him at length after he started his shea butter research, he had a wonderful story about how refined shea butter did nothing for an injury he had on his leg, if I remember correctly. The unrefined shea butter by contrast, healed the injury quickly. I think that experienced really had an impact on him and the business choices he made as the result. http://www.vermontsoap.com/wholesale/whshea.shtml
Interesting. Thank you.

Will spend some time researching refined vs unrefined this evening...
New Directions Aromatics has organic shea butter. Good luck.
We used them when we first started small quantities. They were good!
We sell a beautiful unrefined, yet "uncertified organic" shea that our customers love and rave about. We understand that some people are insisting on organic but the shea nuts for our butter are grown and produced in a region in Northern Ghana, so remote no mechanism for organic certification exists at this time. We have been carrying this product for about 6 years and have never had any returned for smell or any other reason! http://www.57aromas.com/details/Shea-Butter
That's an important thing to point out Barb!! There are many botanicals that are wild harvested and of course are organic in every sense of the word!! No one in that country it going out into the forests spraying pesticides or herbacides! Your shea butter sounds perfect!!
Thanks Susan. I agree with you about the wild harvested products. We have written about this subject many times, including here http://aromatherapy.suite101.com/article.cfm/organic_essential_oils.... We used to carry some certified organic products but found that most people were unwilling to pay the higher cost associated with certification. We still special order products for customers who ask for them and where they are available but, unlike the food industry, many people are simply "not bothered" whether their essential oil is certified organic or not. This is not to say that things won't change in the future though.
Thank you ladies. Very helpful comments.


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