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Greetings Everyone! I trust and hope this message finds everyone well and in good spirits.

I am in need of some assistance when it comes to business plans. I have read over several books as well as done some online research, but am still not sure how to go about writing my business plan.

I am working or should I say revamping a business. I am marketing different gift items like candles, bath and body as well as apparel items. I was told that the kind of business I have is a boutique business. I am just not sure how to go about writing a business plan that fits the kind of business or products I am selling/marketing.

Does anyone have any ideas? Know where I could find a sample business plan that would fit my business?

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello Irradiance,
There are alot of places that will help you with a business plan...check with your local Small Business Admin.,www.score.org...also there are alot of business plan software that you can purchase..good luck!!
Thank you. : )

There are tons of places to go to get business plan templates. Google "business plan templates," and you'll find lots. But my question is this: are you looking to write a business plan or are you looking to plan a business?

There's a difference. Let me explain briefly.

Writing a business plan. This is what people do when they need to have a plan all nicely spelled out. Maybe they are participating in a business plan competition or maybe they are seeking investors or a loan. In those cases, a business plan is desirable and necessary.

Planning a business. This is a bit different where very small micro-businesses are concerned because we are not looking for investors or a loan, etc. Planning a business involves less writing down stuff and more actually rolling up your sleeves and looking at what other people in your industry are doing. Seeing what works and what doesn't work. Looking at their blogs, websites, etc., to see how they operate, and then identifying your particular niche.

I'm not saying that a business plan is not necessary. What I am saying is that the type of plan you create will depend heavily on what you are creating the plan for and how complicated or extensive your business will be.

Let me emphasize that I am *not* suggesting that you don't need a plan. But you need a niche more than you need a plan. Once you identify your niche, you don't have much planning left to do.

Business is more dynamic today than ever before. If you spend too much time looking for the perfect business plan template, and then more time tweaking it, your business opportunities may simply pass you by.

I recently wrote a blog post that might help you with the concept that Indies must plan their businesses, but not necessarily spend a lot of time writing a business plan.

You may also benefit from my Indie Business Radio Shows which feature guests, authors and experts on small and independent business success. I interviewed Tim Berry, author of "The Plan As You Go Business Plan," here. That show is definitely worth a listen for you.

I hope this is helpful to you. I look forward to other people sharing their experiences too.

Thank you so much for your advice and input. I would say that I am looking to plan my business. A few years ago I established a business in which I sold t-shirts. At the time I had money, drive and not much experience, but I just went head first. Ultimately, I was doing alright, but chose to close my LLC and put the business on hold for personal reasons. I decided years ago and still now am interested in expanding my business/company to sell other products. I took a Bath & Body boot camp in Spring of 2009, fell in love with the products and want to add this to my line of products.

Since I did not write a business plan before I thought this time it was imperative to do so this time around. The one thing I can say is that I have found my niche.

My challenge was in finding/writing a business plan that would cover the different types of products I am planning to sell.

Thanks again for all your support and information.

Be well

Contact me via email and I will provide you with a sample business plan to get your started. rbuckley@ravenodara.com


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