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Hi Everyone,

Every year in my blog, I enjoy promoting other Indies for my readers to shop from their home.  Even my company cannot be all things to everyone!

If you would like your business featured along with others, please let me know ASAP so I can put your items you wish to promote along with your company bio.  Links of course will be placed back to your website or directly to the item you have for sale.  Also feature photos will be in place as well.  I have featured Plum Hill, Scandle Candle, Sarva Soaps and Bella Lucce in past promotions revolving around a holiday offering.

Whether it is candles, jewelry, soaps, bodycare, etc. etc. I would love to hear from you.  The blog publish date for your products will be December 9th.  All info must be to me by Monday December 6th.


Edited for clarification:  We can only feature one Indie from each select category. So if your products are unique and have some special characteristic unlike others on the market, then this is the specialty I'm looking for, for my readers.



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What a great opportunity, Katie! Thanks for sharing it here.

If I can help in any way, let me know.


Wow Katherine...you represent all that is benevolent and wonderful about the holiday season. A good example for everyone to follow...and keep going throughout the year! Bravo!

This is so generous of you. Please let me know what I need to do to participate. Thank you.
Hi Charlene,

Your items are beautiful.

Just send me photos of the featured items you wish to show off with links to where they can purchase them, and any special you may wish to offer if at all, along with any bio info you wish for me to place in the blog. Or if their is a story of inspiration behind the piece you handcrafted. I like large photos if you can provide them because I can always shrink them to fit.

They will show very well.

Thanks for your interest in being a featured Indie
Oooh, you're going to feature Charlene! Oh my goodness -- what a treat for your blog readers. Plus, I KNOW you'll discover something you love too!



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