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Hello Indies!

I wrote this post for my blog, but since decided the Indie Social Network would be the most beneficial place for its publication:


Several months ago I announced here, and in our newsletter, that we were designing a new website.  After a lot of thought, we decided to put a halt to the project.

As a business owner I learned a lot through the design process:

  • hire a company that understands your brand
  • hire a company that understands websites should not look like pre-designed templates
  • hire a company that understands small business (and your industry)
  • hire a company that allows a fair amount of one-and-one service as part of the design package (and does not leave their communication to online "help tickets")
  • if the website re-design does not feel right from day one, do not assume the designer understands the marketplace better than you do
  • if the design does not feel right to you, make sure you think outside of the box, but also remember that "your brand" is your brand.  Note:  if you are not comfortable, if you do not like the design at all, your customers will more-than-likely not like it either.

Why am I sharing all of this? I do not need to.  No explanation is needed at all.

I do want to share the experience, however, with other small business owners that may be considering a website, or a re-design.  Think all of these points through before you lay down any dollars, and once you lay down your dollars, stick to your guns.

I recommend you shop around for other independant small business web-designers.  A good site to look for one (especially if you handcraft your products) is the Indie Business Network (IBN) (http://indiebeauty.com/).  I am a (very supportive) member of IBN.



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I cannot help you with your site needs, wish I could!


You have been through a lot.  How do I look at this (what happened to me)? A learning curve that has changed the way I look at anything I pay for.  Unfortunately, bad service makes for more savvy consumers.  Fortunate for us, unfortunate for those that have to deal with us (but...firm and fair!).  My answer to service providers, do what you are paid to do, and give the best customer service from the get-go, and keep the momentum up. 


I am glad you shared your situation Christine.  Hopefully we can help a few others before they get caught up in a similar situation.




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