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It is my goal to over come my fear of CP soap making. I am so ready to get started and looking for all the help I can get. Could someone please help me? I am looking for a few good books and videos for beginners. I would like to become a sponge to all of you experts

Torrian Denise

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Hi Torrian,

My ebook How to Make Handmade Cold Process Soap is free this month and is in my enewsletter, usually costs $30. It has an excellent simple recipe and 27 photos showing you how to make soap. Many of my students use this recipe and do well selling their soaps. This is one of my favorite e-books. Several of my students were so afraid of the lye and now have no problem with it. It is no different than driving a car. There are risks but many rewards. You just have to pay attention.

Soap is so fun and rewarding to make!
How do I get the free ebook on how to make cold process soaps?

I appreciate you! I am looking forward to getting your ebook!!


Now that's what I call good timing! I hope you get the book. Joan is a great teacher and she really loves what she does. I know you'll learn a lot from her!

Thanks DM,

I love my Indie Sisters!!! FAB group of ladies! Yes I am getting it and the other suggestions for books! I am ready to do this!!! Always excited about learning something new!!

My all time favourite CP soap bookn is actually called "Creative Spa" by Cheryl Coutts - its packed with fab soap recipes and wrapping ideas.

Hope you have fun :) Sarah Janes
Thank you so much, I will be looking for this book as well!! Is this good for beginners?? Like CP for Dummies!!!

Hi Torrian,

It covers all the step by steps and has some great recipes for cp soaps. It is also packed with delicious skin creams, scrubs and oil recipes. I always love to open this book and look at all the fabulous photos of the soaps and the great packaging ideas.

Ruth made a great post reminding you to check any recipe with a good sap calculator. It is worth checking every recipe, even if it is a book!

It wont take you long at all to be making delicious handmade soaps, but be warned - soap making is totally addictive :-)

Hi Torrian,
I'm a CP newbie too. I've watched some good demonstrations videos on You Tube.

We won't be newbies for long!! With all of the experts here!! We shall keep in touch with our progress!

Hi Torrian,
One of my favorite books is Alicia Grosso's The Everything Soapmaking Book. Very basic and easy to understand. And remember to ALWAYS doublecheck ANY recipe with a good online lye calculator (like www.soapcalc.com or the one at www.thesage.com). Mistakes and typos happen.
There is nothing like Indie Love!! I have added these links to my favorites, I am so grateful! My notepad is getting full.



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