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I recently did vending at quite a few major events over the past two weekends and I lost a few sales because I didn't have a credit card machine!  I've been looking online for reputable companies to purchase one through and I'm getting no where.  So if anyone has a company that they are using and would like to share..I would greatly appreciate it!






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I had a similar question and here is a link to the discussion and some of the replies that I got. I haven't started using anyone yet, but am leaning towards Propay. I hope you can find a company that works for you, it is essential these days, people expect it.
I'm with Propay and find it is easy to accept credit card payments when doing shows.You can call in your transaction via cell phone and get approval right away. You would just need to get a manual credit card swipper and invoices..

Hi Leslie,

I have an Iphone and use Go Payment by Intuit (www.gopayment.com) .  You can download the app on your phone and enter information that way or call and have the card slider sent to you.  The best thing is there's no contract or fees.  To register you need to give your tax id # and business certification number.  Once the card is swiped you can have the money sent directly to your checking account or on a debit card.  I LOVE IT!


Best Wishes!




Square is awesome! The card swiper is free, the apps are easy, and the transaction fees are reasonable.  You need a smartphone and a wireless connection for it to work at events, so if you use it it's good to check ahead of time that there is a wireless connection, or you can use your phone as a hotspot.  

I second Alyce's recommendation. I've been using Square for a year now and it has been a godsend. Best wishes!

I have a credit card machine I am selling, it has worked great for me it is a Verifone 8020 all you have to do is sign up with a credit card company to process your credit cards easy as that. I recommend that you execept credit cards  99% of my business people use credit cards. I am asking $ 375.00 for it that way you own it out right and don't have to pay and rental fees on it. If you are interested let me know


Hi, Leslie...I use the Square reader card that connects to my Smart phone.  Very nice.


Hi Leslie,

I use www.gopay.com.  If you have a smartphone or IPad or tablet, you can go right to their website, punch in the customers information and cc number and have them sign right on your phone or IPad.  Best thing is, the money goes right into your account.  No more lost sales!

Hope this helps...




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