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Hi all

Happy Holidays!!

My mother who formulates our products raised a good question which I have been trying to find an answer to and can't seem to find it!

We want to know, if the ingredient panel says hydrolyzed extracts to represent all the herbals and the water used on the infusion phase of the formula, do we still need to also mention water as a ingredient? I am not sure if we need to mention water if the word hydrolyzed is suppose to mean that the extract herbs are made with water... I've seen the word hydrolyzed herbal extracts used in some labels and not mention water on the ingredient panel, but not sure if that is correct?

I would very much appreciate your feedback on this and any links or references to research as we want to finish the labels correctly to prepare to launch our products... 



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In some cases of labeling practices, this can end up being the blind leading the blind, but doesn't make what you see on a competitors label correct.  If you want to know for sure, contact the FDA.

This link should help you identify what you are looking for plus the number to the FDA.




I agree with your comment... I looked at the link you provided but couldn't specifically find the answer to my question. I called the FDA and got a partial answer so I was told to email their department that deals with this area... I appreciate your feedback!!



Actually Hilario this does provide you the answer since the water within the extract is considered by definition, an incidental ingredient.  As far as just making the listing of Hydrolyzed herbal extracts without labeling each individual extract would not be correct for labeling with the FDA, unless they fall below the 1% per each ingredient.  Not knowing your formulas, then you'll need to interpret the definition of the FDA explanation based on your knowledge of what percentage of each ingredient is within the formula.

Good Luck

Thanks for your feedback Katherine :)

For those following this thread, I thought you might like to know that IBN is hosting a full-day workshop for cosmetics manufacturers who work out of their homes, and questions like this will be addressed. It's coming up Saturday, January 12, 2013 and attendance via conference call is available. Here's the link: http://indiebusinessnetwork.net/regulatory-boot-camp-by-indie-business


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