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Hello Ladies,

I have a couple of questions regarding natural ingredients. I used to use borax as a binder, and made a batch without it. Seamed fine at first but it has separated what else can use that is natural?

I also need to add a natural preservative any suggestions?



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Hi Roberta,

What exactly are you using the borax as an emulsifier for? Someone's recommendation may depend on what type of product you are making.

Are you looking for a paraben and formaldehyde freetype of preservative preservative?



I use the the borax as a binder  in my cream's, and yes I would like a paraben free preservative

Thank You

Hi, Roberta.  Have a peek at www.theherbarie.com for access to natural emulsifiers and preservatives. Ecomulse and Plantamulse are good natural emulifiers.  There are lots of different preservative blends to choose from, too.  They are usually recommended at at certain percentage of total weight of recipe. 



Thank You I will

Katie gave a good place to look for natural emulsifiers. For a preservative I personally use Optiphen Plus because it has no parabens and releases no formaldehyde.  Your choice of preservative will depend on your P.H. balance as well. Hope it turns out well.


Thank you I will look into this, I appreciate your advice.



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