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I am new here and would like to hear from anyone who has gone through the Florida process for cosmetics manufacturing permitting.
I have not located the requirements, so I don't know what the State inspects for or the minimum equipment requirements. I know they want their fee to license me, but other than that, I'm flying blind.

Your help would really be appreciated!
Victoria Beckner

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Dear Victoria,

Included here please find the link to Florida Statutes Ch 0499 Sec. 015, Part 1 of the act includes definition of terms, prohibited acts, criminal acts, advertising and labeling requirements.


The document is quite lengthy with some technical jargon but feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I reside in Miami, Florida and have assisted several of my clients in making the necessary changes to comply.

Be well,

Thanks for the link. I found all of that information already. What I need are guidelines for setting up my equipment. I have not been successful in getting that information. For example, do the surfaces need to be stainless steel, or will formica do? What does the state want before permitting a manufacturer, in terms of setup and equipment?
Thanks for your help!
In terms of the state, the best thing to do is to review the regulations there and then call and ask them. While Florida's regulations are onerous, there are people there who will answer your questions and help you walk through the registration process.

You might also benefit from a book by Marie Gale at http://www.mariegale.com/marie-gale-author/. It's called Soap & Cosmetics Labeling and lots of people love it for its focus on federal regulations.

You should also study the FDA's Good Manufacturing Guildelines: http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/cos-gmp.html. You'll find them very helpful but you'll also note that they don't tell you exactly what to do down to the nth detail. For example, if you're looking for the federal government to tell you whether a formica countertop is preferable to a stainless steel one for purposes of cosmetics manufacturing, you won't find it there.

Hope this helps.

Thanks donna Maria,

Until we are sure our concept will be accepted in the marketplace, we are going to focus on soap. I have all 6 pages of the FDA regulations printed out and I am studying them. I did speak with the folks in Tallahassee and did not get too many answers. But, perseverance and hard work trump just about anything except a miracle!
Thanks for your interest and assistance.
Victoria Beckner
Here's a link to the FDA inspection regulations for cosmetic manufacturers:
Oh my goodness! I am new and have been looking for the same exact thing! I live in Florida as well. Since I am new to this I have not been able to find anyone to explain this to me. I called city hall where I live and they pretty much were totally clueless! They explained to me that I was apparently the only one in the area to want to register a business like this where I will be mixing minerals in my home. They said they mostly deal with Mary Kay and Avon types of businesses. I really don't understand what the big deal is. I will be using all FDA approved, cosmetic grade minerals and ingredients. I know that there are several mineral home businesses in FL and other states. I already registered my name with the state of FL and with the IRS now I just need to find out what else I am missing. It is a bit frustrating when I can't get anyone on the phone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to this type of business. I could also use the help. Thank you.
Thanks for the ad :) Please let me know too , thanks
I looked over the links posted but do not understand. I thought that cosmetics were regulated. Also, I thought that as long as we followed the FDA rules about ingredients and proper labeling that we should be fine? I know of tons of businesses like ours that operate in FL. So, I am not sure what the deal is? When I called city hall in my county I explained to them it was natural mineral makeup and I would be working from my home. They didn't say anything about that being an issue. But then again, I was the first person who wanted to do this I guess in this area. This is so frustrating. I already registered my company name and got my ein number form the irs as well as my website domain. So, now what? Who else can we ask about this? It seems that everyone I have spoken with has no clue at all.
I just went again and read all of the links that were provided here. I do not see anywhere where it says you must have a separate facility? Unless I am missing it. Also... The cosmetics they seem to be describing sounds like regular cosmetics and chemicals, not mineral cosmetics. So, I am confused because minerals are natural and as long as they are approved by the FDA and cosmetic grade it should not be an issue. I wish I knew who to call to get some answers.
So now a year and a quarter later, what'd you wind up doing?
Hey Victoria. First off, thanks for the friend request and add! Look forward to getting to know you.

The Florida process is a nasty one. You can pull up the requirements in FL Statutes. The cosmetic chapter took up a half a ream of paper to print out. There are requirements...and alot of them.
Your products must be registered through the State Dept of Health here in FL. They make you have a permit on each thing you sell. So lotions would need a permit, balm would need one, etc. And after you obtain this permit, they send someone from the state out to inspect your facility. This facility has to meet all of their length requirements and has to have its own address. You can not manufacture from your home, on your property, or on someone elses property... unless your manufacturing area has its own address. It can not share an address with another building on the property. When you set up at festivals and such, state officials walk through and will ask you for all permits, etc.


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