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G'day everyone!

I took a baby step and signed up to test the deeper IBN waters as a Protege member. I am very much looking forward to listening to the calls!  

I am the owner of Fairy Cute LLC here in Phoenix, AZ and have spent the last several years making everything from tutus to jewelry to lip balm and more.  I currently have a full-time bill-paying job but I desperately want to grow my own business and spend my days, time and energy into what I REALLY love to do.  I'm hoping that I will gain some insight here about how to prioritize, streamline and expand sensibly and have some fun along the way - AND get out of the corporate world!  And I hope that I can be as valuable to others someday, too.  

That's it from this Aussie/American fairy.  Have a sparkly day and thanks for having me here.  :)


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Welcome to IBN Protege, Rachel.  I look forward to chatting with you ongoing!

Welcome Rachel!  You'll be amazed at the resources available here and how much the Protege program has to offer. Look forward to chatting more with you.



IBN Local Director - Chattanooga, TN

Finally got a chance to sit and listen to the Soapmaker/Businesswoman call in peace.  Wow!  I need this more than I realized.  :)

Thanks for making me feel so welcome!  

Welcome aboard Rachel..You can't go wrong with this group and everyone is so helpful!!


-NYC IBN Local Director


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