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Ok y’all…I’ve got to admit, this week’s motivational post has been a booger to nail down.  In fact, I can’t say that I’ve come anywhere near to nailing it. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.  It's not easy! But here is the jist of what I wanted to bring you today.

Have you ever thought about how you think?  No this isn’t a trick question. It’s not some mental evaluation or deeply insightful.  It’s a demonstration of what I’ve been experiencing this past weekend. Here’s an example of how my thought processes went yesterday.  I’ve written it like it has been, as a non-stop stream of thoughts.  If you read it that way, you’ll get the idea.


“I need to get the Monday motivation written and ready to post in Indie Social.  How can I possible add anything new, fresh, unexplored?  What hasn’t been covered?  What could I expand on from another perspective?  Susan, Mary, Melissa, dM....they all offer so much in the way of motivation and inspiring content.  I’m the newbie among the group....I don’t have as much to offer because I don’t have as much business experience.  I’ll troll the internet to see what jumps out at me.  When did that cobweb get there? Gosh, is that a Cheerio under the couch?  I need to do some major cleaning before the holidays.  I really need to get my newsletter done.  CRAP! More writing that needs to be done and I have no ideas whatsoever.   Oh look! What a cute pic that so and so posted!  Wow! She sure is looking good! .  Oh, I wish I had known about that show earlier.  I bet it would have been a good one.  Dang! He’s more of a drama queen than most teen girls!  I should clear this clutter off my ottoman (my make shift living room work desk).  I really hate having to hit the Refresh button to keep the feed updated on Facebook.  GEEZ!  Writer’s block sucks and blows all at the same time!  My idea bank is just completely empty.  Oh, I should reply to that tweet.  I need to get my bookwork done.  I really need to reformulate that product.  I want to get those new graphics and designs done soon.  Oh what fragrances should I do for Christmas this year? I better check emails while I’m on here.  I really want to paint this room.  A nice medum toned mossy green would be pretty!  That’s a good article.  Maybe there’s some potential there.  What should I make for supper?  Hey that looks like another really good article.  I’ll click the link to check it out.  Honey, go check on Little Man.  He’s being awfully quiet. What in the world can I write about this week?  Crap! This link is taking forever to load. Hit the stop and refresh buttons!  Yes!  That made it load right up. I need to go put sour cream on the grocery list. I better do that right now before I forget.  Oh my head hurts." 

Seem vaguely familiar to you?  Do you see the problem?  SCATTERED THINKING!  And not just regarding business.  I have been going back and forth between professional and personal when I sit down to write or do anything business related on the computer these last few days.  That is just part of being an Indie, right?  Seems like the more I have to do, the more my thinking gets scattered about and I lose focus. The more pressures I feel and tentacles there are pulling on me, the more it tends to happen.  I see you nodding your head over there.  It happens to you too, doesn’t it?  I thought so.  It’s not unusual when you think about it.  You have a busy life with responsibilities to attend to with business, home, family, extra-curricular activities, life in general.   It can all be so overwhelming, don't you think?


Truth is we are inundated with information and responsibilities from all sides.  Business articles, social media, local events, online events, tutorials, videos, bookwork and record keeping, customer care, product making, family situations, home life, friends, local-national-world news.....and on and on and on and on and.....!  All this can make for BRAIN OVERLOAD, which often results in scattered thinking.  It is not easy to deal with or overcome. especially when there is technology everywhere, things to do, places to go, people to see.   What to do about it.....that is the question? 


Instead of giving out instructions and assignments in today’s article, I'm deferring to y'all.  I want you all to be the motivators.  The local leaders aren't the only ones who can contribute and motivate, you know.  You have something to give too. 

You really thought I had some clever, insightful and meaningful words for you, huh?  LOL....remember.....I’m experiencing brain overload with scattered thinking right now.  My OP needs a Refresh.


So tell us…Indie.  How do you overcome scattered thinking?  What works for you? What ways have you found to be effective when you need to refresh your brain?  Do you close out some open windows to decrease information downloads?  Do you step away and let time be on your side? Just what can you share that will help many of us with brain overload, recollecting scattered thinking and can help us refresh our operation system? The platform is yours.  Ready – GO!



Ginger Moore

IBN Local Director-Chattanooga, TN

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Oy vey!  That is what we call "monkey mind" in the yoga studio!  It is the brain's natural state to wonder all over the place and be distracted by everything.  Our work is to tame it!  To be honest, I am trolling the Indie Beauty Network right now to procrastinate getting my bookwork done and making a pot of soup with that leftover chicken!  I typically have very focused days and burnout days in a regular cycle, so I often don't worry too much if I'm a bit scattered sometimes.  If I've got a looming deadline, I usually kick in to high gear right before it without any trouble.  But despite my careful planning, I rarely ever get everything done on my daily to-do list.  However, it does all get done by the end of the week somehow!  So when I'm scattered, sometimes I just plain take a break, knowing I'll be in better shape tomorrow.  If I can't afford the time, it can be helpful to take an exercise break.  Sometimes I just have to get up and wash those dang dishes, fold a basket of laundry, and then prepare my workspace for a busy day tomorrow.  If I get my workspace all ready, I can jump in first thing in the morning while my creative energy is at its highest.  As for getting the books done, well I'm just going to have to reward myself with a pot of coffee and get off this site!  It'll make the rest of my week go better if I get it done today!

I think the key is to know yourself well and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses in your work habits.  If you try to maintain a fairly regular schedule, you will almost always end up getting everything done, even if you end up with some scattered days sprinkled throughout.  A regular schedule coupled with an intimate awareness of your personal habits helps you reshuffle the deck and re-prioritize when you need to.

Hi Ginger,

Boy, do I know what you mean! I think we all do, if we are honest.

You know what I do? Sleep. That's right, sleep. It doesn't solve all problems, but it sure does refresh me enough to get my straight thinking back.

After sleeping, I use a timer. I had an egg timer, but the kids broke it, so I just use my iPhone now. I try to time things so I can punch out a blog post in a certain amount of time. Or maybe check in on Twitter or FaceBook for 10 minutes or so. I try to have specific things to do when I get there, and then, if there's any time over, I meet people, follow people, reply to people who have RT'd my posts or said something to me, etc.

It's tough to fit it all in, but either way, it starts with sleep!

I look forward to what others have to share!

Thanks for this opportunity to remind my own self how to keep things together. Now, I'm going to sleep. LOL!


Ohhh, Ginger. I so hear you!

I think scattered thought is common to everyone, no matter what their business or profession. I've always found that when I'm scattered it's usually when I don't know what to do. Like, a kinda boredom. There's lots to do, but... I just can't be bothered. Nothing piques my interest, so my head just wanders around.

Just as dM takes herself off for a sleep, I'll take myself off for a shower, and when I get out I put clean clothes on - even if I've only been dressed for a short time.  It's a bit like starting the day afresh, I suppose. Then I decide, work or play? Play ususally means pottering about the house tidying here and there. If work wins out, I sit and make a list of all the little nagging things that just need finishing off and sign on for an hour at a time. I can usually commit to keeping a focused mind for an hour if it's the small stuff I'm getting through fast. Have to admit, that I do often get through a few hours in this mode. Maybe it's the taking in small slices... I dunno.

Also, like dM again... I have a kitchen timer. That's no surprise... she's the one I got the idea from a long time ago.  It does work.

Really enjoyed this post, Ginger. It's a great reminder that we're all human. We may want to be superman, and maybe some days we are... but in the main, the superman days are special ones. The rest of the time, we just keep on trying to keep on track.

-Susan in Boston
Reach out. Make friends. Let's lift each other!

Hi Ginger -


Sleep - there is nothing like it for me.  When it seems everything is scrambled eggs, I'll put the thought(s) on the shelf until my brain is able to sort it all out. 


And then, there is one more option for me.  Not pushing myself to try to sort it all out.  If I don't have it (how I want to say or think it), then I simply do not have it at that moment.  It is all small stuff!


Love your post and reminder, Ginger!



Thanks ladies!   Your replies are very good and so grounded.  Sleep/Rest...Shower...Clean Clothes....Timer...Got it!  Don't sweat it!  Well, there are just days when my Right Guard isn't working quite as well as it should....LOL. 

Distraction is so much a part of our lives, especially when you have technology, hubs kids with you 24/7 on most days.  I can't tell you how many times I'll be on a straight thinking roll and here it comes. The phone ringing with someone who just has to talk to me, or my son with an important thing he wants to share (usually something he just saw or played) or hubs who wants to chit chat.  I take the break but then getting back to that straight thinking roll takes effort and more time than the break did.  You know how it is.  Or is that just how it is around here?


Good stuff, my friends.  Yes, we are all human and we all deal with pretty much the same issues in some way, form or fashion.  Like a good friend of mine says,  There is nothing new under the sun!  That's why these indie halls are so great and wonderful.  We can talk about it and support each other and help each other over the humps.  And sometimes, it is just a comfort to know we are not alone, it is not just us, or that the ones we admire or look up to have the same issues. The issues do not mean we are failing, it just means we've been given an opportunity to grow, change and learn.



Being still........then refresh or talk a comic relief break


oops take a comic relief break
LOL..."talking" a comic relief break works too.  I do the same when I can, being still and taking a comic relief break.  Funny how comedy can really break up the scattered clutter into managable pieces.
Ginger Interesting you would write this......I am scattered right now!! reading all of your posts is relieving!!  Thanks Indies

I'm so glad that you are finding it helpful.  We all have those times when focus is fleeting and stress levels are at Code Red. I've found that talking about it helps. Check my blog posting from last week about being stressed out and finding relief in fun ways. 



HI Ginger,

Great post.  Sounds like you've been eaves dropping inside my head!  I've used all the suggestions I've seen posted here.  Some work better for me than others, but, the one thing that usually does the trick is to take a short reading break.  I am usually in the midst of reading one or two novels at a time(go figure!) and if I dive into one of them for a half an hour or so it requires me to focus my brain on the pages and what's happening in the story.  This seems to give me enough of a reality break that when I'm done I can reboot my day and focus on my priorities.  It does require a certain amount of discipline not to blow off the rest of the day and finish the whole book, or fall asleep while reading the book....now where's my timer?

Thanks everyone, for reminding me that I'm not alone in my world of semi-controlled chaos!




LOL...I promise I haven't been eaves dropping. Really I haven't!  Reading tends to get me more scattered...go figure.  Isn't it nice though to know that you are no alone on this though.  I'm beginning to think this is a fall version of spring fever.  Is there such a thing as fall fever?  Oh well,  this too shall pass.  It almost has already!




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