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I need to find a way to have glitter stick to the sides and top of Pillar candles for a client.  I tried warming the pillars with a torch and rolling it in glitter-that worked a bit-but we would like more adhesion.

I also tried a candle gloss spray-but you can smell that, and I don't want to take away from the yummy scent of the candle by adding a stinky chemical...

Does anyone here have any ideas?  I am stuck!  I REALLY appreciate the help!
Thank you!

All the best!!!
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What I'm about to type is total speculation-brainstorming as I am not a candle expert but- What if you disperse the glitter in translucent wax then dip the candles in the translucent-glitter wax, say maybe two or three times? The outter coating would house the glitter nicely and firmly and you'd have a smooth outter "hand dipped" finish? Let me know if it works!
That may work, I am going to try it Valerie...Not sure because the wax may coat the glitter making it not as shiny...we will see :) Thanks for the idea!!! <3
So, what did you end up doing to make the glitter stick? I'm curious ;-)
you are sweet! Nothing...:( ARGhhhh. it is kicking my butt...I am trying some more things this weekend, but so far, NO success...I'll keep you posted. PS-Scott will deliver your things tomorrow <3


I don't know much about making candles or using glitter, but I am just wondering whether the glitter would be flammable? Or I guess there must be non-flammable glitter. I was just wondering about that ...


Our glitter is not flammable, and the sides are not meant to burn.  We include burning instructions with each Pillar so that the proper care is taken.  It actually peels away as the wax softens.  There are several ways to burn these safely.  :)



Thanks for letting me know. I have no idea. That is so cool. See how little I know?! School me!

It's amazing what you can do. That green candle you posted to the site is so gorgeous. It's neat that you can make it so beautiful and so unique. Kudos to you for such awesome products!


Thank YOU dM, for creating such a fantastic forum :)

I love this place more and more!

PS- I didn't mention it but thought it is cool-the glitter is glass.  How cool is that?!

Have an awesome day!


Hello, If you want to use glitter on the outside of your candle AND you can certify

1) that the outer portion of your candle is not intended to "melt" or otherwise "be consumed" and

2) your glitter is not readily combustible....

Then you might consider to use.....(ready?)... hairspray.

Beware: Formulated liquid hairspray in a pump or aerosol contains flammable solvents and or propellants,

and should NEVER be used around an ignition source (sparks, flames, stoves, cigs etc), but once you

spray the surface of a candle, you will have a small window before the "adhesive" polymers dry... to apply

your glitter. the resultant surface coat of "hairspray" should dry completely transparent, and may add a bit

of "gloss" to your paraffin/wax.

Please let me know if this works! Bob Ray


Thanks Bob!
We found a different way, so I have not tried that.  I am using natural wax, and glass glitter :)

It is not meant to burn, but I wanted to be extra careful because some people don't always follow instructions to the letter.

Have a Fantastic Friday!! :)



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