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I'm curious to know if anyone uses Google Checkout on your website and how you feel about it.  I'm considering adding it along with the PayPal checkout option on my site and would like feedback from actual sellers who use it.


Thanks in advance.



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Ginger -


I am not familiar with Google checkout.  I would like to hear feedback from others too, from the seller end.


One of my former suppliers uses Google.  It was a hectic day with a lot of purchases to make so I could not slow down and pay closer attention.  The checkout process seemed lengthy to me. 



Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations on the Google Checkout for websites?  Would love to hear from you.



Hi Ginger

My website uses Google checkout exclusively.  There are several features that I (as the seller) really appreciate.

1). Immediate notification of an order

2). verifies buyer's card info automatically, no keying in info.

3). informs client about shipping status

4). No monthly fees (other than what you actually sell)

So far I have really liked everything about the google checkout process from a seller's  view point.  

I had so many issues with my old website shopping cart and their maintenance fees I  just finally dumped them, created my own website with Weebly and haven't looked back.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.


Judi Welden


Thanks so much for replying.  This is most helpful. 


Questions...Questions...Questions.  Do your customers seem to appreciate Google Checkout and like to use it?  Do you find that many prefer it over other checkout methods?  How do you feel that it compares to PayPal? 



I haven't had any complaints, since I changed over all of my old clients have continued to place orders as usual.  I think that since I haven't given them any choice and they must want my products.

I think it is very similar to paypal.  

I have never used paypal so I may not be the best person to advise about the comparison.

I used to use Intuit shopping cart and that was a nightmare to use for me.


I think I am able to better service my customers in a more timely fashion with Google checkout.

So, yes I think they like it.


Judi Welden



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