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Hand Label Machine for Stickers on Bottom of Jars/bottles

Hi there!
Does anyone know of a good

for creating batch #'s to apply on the bottom of small bottles and jars?  I use .5 oz dropper bottles for EO sales, and need to create batch #'s for references.

There are so many

applicator machines, I thought one of you may have a suggestion for the best to set, and dispense!

Thank you!  Have a beautiful day!

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Are these the kind of thing you mean, Sheri? I think this company is in New Jersey. Even if this draws a blank for you, it will give you the name of what these hand held machines are called in the trade, which might help you to refine your own search.


Good luck. Batch labeling is such a pain!



Indies rock! Let's get rockin'.


I am curious if you found a good solution? I also have lots of tiny containers to label, but I am concerned that stickers might fall off. The digital printers for batch codes are quite expensive.



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