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I recently opened my website Green Horse Organics and am boggled over shipping.  Some of my sprays are 32 oz and can add up fairly quickly.  I do not want to scare my customers away with high shipping prices, however I also do not want to continue to eat the extra shipping.  I have been trying to use the medium and large flat rate boxes with usps, but the biggest will only accomodate 4 32 oz bottles.  If customers want more I really do not know what to do.  The large box is already over 10.00, I am charging 10.95 and absorbing the rest of the cost so customers will buy.  Also I worry over spillage, I use pressure sealed caps and send the sprayer, I would really ;ove some help from someone sending larger volume with heavier products. 

Many thanks


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I feel the same way for some of my lotions, shipping just one bottle can be expensive I have been eating a little of the cost too. I have to do a search to find out more about boxes. Maybe a correct size for just one would work. I have 8 oz bottles and 16 oz bottles. There has to be a better way somewhere.

I am using flat rate boxes right now, the medium adn the large. You can contact usps and have boxes delivered for free whichis a nice perk, plus it ships priority witht tracking. I no I do not like paying alot for shipping so I am trying to fing a better way for my customers. hmmm.. still looking for the answer, i will share an answer if i find one!


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