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Good Morning!!

From my understanding, cosmetics have to list ingredients according to their INCI names, but what is the INCI name in the U.S. for water, or, how can water be listed as an ingredient? I have seen numerous variations to it and am wondering what's proper, incorrect, US only, EU only, any difference?

Water (Aqua)

I am confused why I see this as a customer and am hoping you can provide further information on which is the proper way.
Thank you,

Ryan B.

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Hi Ryan,

It is Aqua/Water.

Water is INCI name; Aqua is EU (European Union) name for water. EU wants its names to be placed on the label first; few years ago it did not matter whose name was first on IL (ingredients listing), thus, you may still see "Water/Aqua" version.

In addition, "Water(Aqua)" is old version of correct labeling when EU just started requiring their version of some INCI names.

And, Water/Aqua/EU is incorrect.

Hope it clarifies.

Have Happy Holidays! 


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