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Hi Indies!


I wanted to know if anyone could tell me how to make the lotion sticks WITHOUT having the dent in the center of the stick. I would like to create an even top lotion stick without dents or holes in the middle of the tube. Please advise.


Thanks in advance!



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Sometimes, the best advice people can give you is to buy a book, or go online, especially if they know the answer is in the book or online. Also, you only posted your question two days ago. That's not a long time to wait for free advice and suggestions.

This is a superb forum, but everyone here is in business, and everyone here is busy. I have personally experienced people helping me and others here, and I am repeatedly encouraged by the way I see people here supporting each other and helping each other grow.

But I do not expect "real help immediately" from a public discussion forum.

If you want real help immediately, perhaps private consultation is best for you, or maybe verify that the book someone suggested to you does in fact contain the information you need, and then buy the book.

I am not trying to be a smarty pants, just want everyone to be realistic about the kind of help to expect from a forum like this.



I don't know of a way to prevent the dip when you are making lotion stick and lip balms in tubes. What I do is fill them, let them set and allow the dip to form. Then use a dropper to fill in the dip area to form a dome, and then use a flat tool (like a knife) to even the top. That way, you have no dip and you have no dome, and the product looks clean and smooth at the top surface.

Good luck!


Oh, it's really easy. First, fill up your tubes only 3/4 of capacity and let them cool. Or a little more, just making sure there is still a little room left. The dip will be formed naturally after cooling. Then take your melted lip balm/lotion and fill them to the top. Done. Cool off and nice little button top will be formed. Basically you have to fill each tube twice.

Hope this helps. :-)


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