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Hey Indies!


I've been trying to come up with a logo for Neos Creations from its conception & birth but nothing seems to click. I'm not an artist or graphics guru.  I'm stuck with no creative flow for this particular project and this is driving me nuts at the highest level.  I desperately want an image to go with the name for branding recognition.  I see so many great logos on here and am SO jealous (not really but almost). 


With so many creative souls and great eyes here, I'm humbly asking, would anyone be willing to help me out.  I would be so grateful if anyone can give me some ideas, toss out some graphics that I can work with or whatever.  What do you see when you look at Neos? 


BTW, I'm also going to be doing some major revamping of website and labeling in the near future. So this would be a great time to include a logo. 


Thanks in advance for any and all help.





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You could try www.logotournament.com and have designers compete to create the winning logo.  You have to write a little creative brief but then you get many designers with lots of varying styles competing.



I actually checked into the "design me a logo"  competition type things out there a while back. Pretty interesting concept and approach.  Not sure if this one was one of them or not.  There's also the logo design bid competiton arenas as well, which is also interesting.  Thanks, gal!




Never heard of Logo Tournament -- very interesting business model. I'll be sure to share. Thanks for the tip!


Here are two ideas I came up with. Let me know if you like anything about them, and what you dont like :)


























WOW!  I'm impressed and like them both.  Like the simplicity with a bit of quirky of the first one and the "swish stroke"  Love that.  Uhhh....for some reason the blocky font of Creations with the 2nd doesn't seem to fit with the elegant font to me. Would love to see the more elegant with the 1st  oval and swish.  What does everyone else think? I think I'll play a bit with these on labels. Thanks so very much! 



I personally like the first one, but the second seems more in line with where I see you going.  I used to work at Things Remembered, which helps in putting fonts together.  Too much froo-froo is actually fussy and hard to read.  I like the contrast in the second with the fancy Neos and the block Creations.  To me, while they're both part of your business name, I see the Neos as being slightly more important, so I like how it punches.





Wanna hear a good one?  Where I thought I was going may not be where I'm going after all...LOL. Funny how things can sometimes change quickly.  I agree that too froo-froo is hard to read.  I'm even considering dropping the Creations part from my product lines and just doing the Neos since that's what everyone calls us anyway. The more I look at #1, the more it grows on me.



They are both nice, but I like the first one better.

The script in the second one is hard to read. The flourish does not help that. It definitely sets the mood for feminine and sophisticated, but it's hard to read the words and that trumps everything else for me.

Nice work on both though -- Laraine, you rock!


LOL. Glad you like them. Let me know what you want to see and I can do something up this evening after my kiddos open house. :) If you take out the creations  then it changes the layout and how the swoosh would work. I can put the swoosh around just the word NEOS instead of the oval if you wanna try that. It will look more like an oval than the wave like appearance it has now. But you might like that. :)  Plus once you get that figured out,  I have a few more fonts you can try out if you arent sold on it. :)





Try it all if you like...I'm open to anything and everything.  If you need me email to send stuff to me, just let me know.



Ooooh! I LOVE the first one!
Ginger I like the first logo would look great on all white containers simple but clean


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