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Hey Indies!


I've been trying to come up with a logo for Neos Creations from its conception & birth but nothing seems to click. I'm not an artist or graphics guru.  I'm stuck with no creative flow for this particular project and this is driving me nuts at the highest level.  I desperately want an image to go with the name for branding recognition.  I see so many great logos on here and am SO jealous (not really but almost). 


With so many creative souls and great eyes here, I'm humbly asking, would anyone be willing to help me out.  I would be so grateful if anyone can give me some ideas, toss out some graphics that I can work with or whatever.  What do you see when you look at Neos? 


BTW, I'm also going to be doing some major revamping of website and labeling in the near future. So this would be a great time to include a logo. 


Thanks in advance for any and all help.





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Thanks Jeanne!



Still like the lime green first one so simple but a fresh clean look
I vote for the second one classy!

Plus I just grabbed that chunk of art in the second one, if thats what you wanted, I would actually redraw it so its cleaner.  :)



I have been in business 15 years and getting your logo on EVERYTHING is important.  I have changed my labels 2 times and that is NOT good for branding. Decide on a theme now and stick with it, since repeat business is always what we are after.    My graphic artist who makes everything from logos, to labels, to brochures is Maryle Malloy 760-219-5751. I have used her exclusively for the last 3 years and she pays attention to the detail!!  Her work is timely and her integrity is outstanding.  My labels are now clear crisp and clean looking and every brochure follows the theme.  floweressenceenergy.com 


Maggie Smith

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to take the time during this Information Friday to thank everyone for your imput to this thread and share some info.  Thank you!  You have no idea how wonderful and reassuring it is to know my indie family has my back.  I'm teary eyed just thinking about it.  Support and help is something that has been scarce for me in my life, especially with my business, mainly limited to my wonderful husband and son.  I'm both humbled and encouraged by how much of it I get from everyone here.  I debated for about a week or two on whether I should even post the plea. I didn't want to seem desperate or needy or anything else. I shoulda known better than that! 


Now for the information part.  I'm in transition and so is my business and brand. I've not been happy with how things have gone with my business for a while, have felt out of sorts, I guess you might say and just couldn't put my finger on why. I've tried more tactics than I can count and done more than I care to admit to move things forward. Nothing seemed to make a difference. I searched for answers. Sales have been low because the economy is to blame. No, that isn't it.  Repeat business has been low, so I maybe my products weren't as good as I thought they were or I didn't offer what people were looking for.  That's not it. I do things by the book as much as I'm aware of and don't blow smoke up people's derriere like many here locally or online do.  I am just too honest. Maybe that's it.  Nope, again...not it. I am not knowledgeable enough for others to stand up and take notice, to put confidence in me or my products. While I am not as knowledgable as some is definitely the truth, that just wasn't it either.  Then with help from a beloved friend (she knows who she is), I discovered IT.  The problem has been ME...I wasn't coming through in my products and the image and brand I thought I wanted has not been what I needed.  It wasn't mine and a reflection of who I am and a draw to those who are like me.  Oh it would have been so much easier to find out it was one of the before mentioned causes. So much easier! 


So now, I am on a journey to transition and the successful me that is to be.  As I am on a journey of finding myself more, letting that "me" shine through more and re-inventing Neos to fit that "me", which will likely mean major changes, I welcome anything that anyone has to contribute to help me get to where I should be. I've always said, Change IS Good! and it is never more so than right now. While it is hard to do and even painful sometimes, it is worth it.   Letting go of what is behind and making a leap forward, even off that big ominous cliff ahead....Ohhh. SO. scary and a disasterous way to go!  Right?  Wrong!  It really leads to finding out that you have wings and can fly. 


Again....THANK YOU, my Indie gals and pals!  I'm so thankful for and to you all! 



Brave step, Ginger. You go, girl... and enjoy the journey.



Reach out. Make friends. Let's lift each other!

Are you opposed to hiring someone to do it for you???  I had a friend draw my logo for me way back when I first started and I did love it but knew some time ago that I wanted something a bit different that was easier to incorporate into my labels, etc...so I found someone on etsy who helped me with a logo and a whole brand image (print, web, blog - it's all mathces looks so professional)  that I am over the moon about....she is now working on all of my labels which I am sooooo excited about...it might not hurt to contact several people via etsy to see who you think you'd be most happy with....that's what I did.  And it's really affordable...good luck!!

I don't know how I missed all the messages in between....loved what Kelly came up with - really gorgeous!  How sweet of everyone to just in to help!!  I am ultra impressed!  :0)  but again good lucky finding a logo that you love....I wish I could help but soooo not good with that sort of thing!  :)




You are being helpful just by supporting. You asked about hiring it out.  I would but right now it just is not in the budget. Thanks for the suggestion of looking on etsy...I'll keep that in mind for when the budget loosens up again.



Have you ever tried the logo designers on www.fiverr.com - there are some good ones there for $5.


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