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Hi Indies!

I hope that you can help me with a question, which I am trying to resolve.

Do you know if using the INCI
(International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients)
name is absolutely necessary on the cosmetic label?
Is the common name acceptable?
Example: “Water (Aqua)” VS  “Purified water”

 Thank you to all who will help!


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I am getting the book for sure..Let me go shopping!!


I have heard a lot of recommendations for Marie's book! I am glad you provided a link, Brenda. 

I have the book too, Brenda. It's been worth every penny and then some! I thought I was buying it to help me know about labels. When it came and I opened it, I realized the was so much more to labels than just listing the ingredients. A must have book for any Indie who has labels on their products.



Reach out. Make friends. Let's lift each other!

Thank you all for such a great info, I will definitely get Marie Gale's book! I looked at the table of content in her "Soap and Cosmetic Labeling"  book and I see that there is a line - "Name and Place of Business".

What do you do if your business address is the same as your home address? Do you still need to place it on the label?

Thanks again in advance for your repies!





Again this is my understanding. If your biz and address is listed in a printed telephone directory (not online), you do not have to list your address on labels.  If it is not, then you do. There is something about PO Boxes for biz only but I can't remember if that is allowed in place of actual address or not.  Does anyone know?




Very helpful, as usually.

Thank you!

P.O Box would be an excellent option, if it legal. Hopefully someone will let us know regarding the usage of P.O. box address instead of the actual address.




I explored the option of a biz listing in the phone book...WOW!  Sticker shock X10.  So as I've done from the beginning, I do put my address on the labels.  I've never had anyone knock on my door or solicite from it.  Honestly, I don't think that most people even look at it. They may look at ingredients, usage directions or your prod description but beyond that, they really don't.  Think about how often you look at the biz location and info.  Just my 2 cents worth.




I am not sure I understood... are you saying that the option of listing your business address in the phone book instead of the label is not available?

I live in a very busy area of NYC and honestly I do not feel very conformable about releasing my home address on the label. I will do it if this is the only one option to obey the rules. Still hoping that perhaps there is another option.

Will see. Thank you so much for your support!



No, it's available but here in my area, when I checked on it..It was ourageous how much it was going to cost.  I understand your concerns. I might be more concerned if I lived in a busy area such as that.  I would check what it would cost for a business listing in your local phone directory or even a biz ad in the yellow pages.  That may be the best solution.  At least you may get some sales from the investment.  


I hope you find a solution. Let us know how it goes.



It is funny because Carol's Daughter uses a PO Box...I looked..LOL

I don't have Marie Gale's book but I'm sure it covers the PO BOX subject.  I need to get it just to have and share from.



Hiya, Ginger and everyone...


Chapter 5 of Marie Gale's book covers the address issue for labels. Basically, you need your biz name on the label if you are a sole prop/DBA. If there is no DBA then you need your personal name on the label.


The address must be the principal address you do business from, and must include the street address, city, state and zip.


The book is gold!



Reach out. Make friends. Let's lift each other!


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