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Okay... I'm a newbie to IBN and I must admit, I'm addicted already! LOL! I am already in business and am re-doing my label to comply with FDA regs. I notice that INCI names are long and include both scientific and common names for almost everything. I need to know if I must include the entire scientific name and the common name. For instance, for Shea Butter, must I list it as Butyrosparmum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit or can I just list it as Butyrosparmum Parkii? Can anyone help me with this issue?

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Hi Dionne,

IBN can help you with this issue! (We are addicted to you too -- you and your success!!)

As a full IBN member, you can take advantage of our training resources. We have several, but for your particular question, I strongly recommend that you listen to the audio of the seminar delivered to IBN members by an FDA official. He covered INCI names, how to label your products, what claims can and cannot be made on a product so it does not cross the line into a drug, and so much more!

To listen to the audio, click here, and scroll down to just under the video recording of me. I just sent you an invitation to join the site, so once you accept that, you'll be able to enjoy that learning resource. It is the best one I know of, and so great that it's with an FDA official. We have several years of audio and video trainings at our private networking site, but that's the one that will help you with the specific question you are asking now.

You might also want to invest in Soap & Cosmetic Labeling by Marie Gale.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions.





Good Morning,


I would also like to listen to the audio regarding labeling.  Also, does anyone have any good resources, advice about keeping inventory.  I am a one woman team and feeling a little overwhelmed at keeping track of everything.





Hiya, Dionne...


The soap and cosmetic labeling book by Marie Gale is on my shelf. It's never gathered dust, and I refer to it often. It covers everything, including stuff I would never even have considered that labels not only need, but are required to have by law. This will open your eyes to correct labeling of products. And the bonus is that it's so incredibly easy to understand. Indie audios give great insight, and are also easy to use. Good luck. I wish you well.


Indies Rock. Let's get rockin'.

Thanks Susan and Eva! You guys rock! I'm ready to rock!


You are requered to use INCI names, the common name is a option (if you have space or would like to make it easear for the consumer to figure out the ingredient).

Thanks Donna! I will get the book. I am reading the minutes from that seminar.



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