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I've been telling you about #IndieMeetup, and today, I have more news. We've got 24 cities registered! Not all of them have locations set, pending registered participants, so if you are planning to join us, remember to RSVP for your city at our MeetUp Page!

Indie Business worldwide meetup

This is a super exciting way to start 2012, sharing and networking with like-minded Indies in your own local area. The largest participating cities, listed below, have definitive locations for their events. Click through as indicated to see registered participants, and to RSVP yourself!

  1. New York, NY. Hosted by Melissa Rivera of Naturally Good Soaps. RSVP for New York City here.
  2. San Francisco Bay area. Hosted by Lori Nova of The Nova Studio. RSVP for San Francisco Bay area/Point Richmond here.
  3. Newark/Northern NJ. Hosted by La Shonda Tyree of Handmade Soap Coach. RSVP for Newark/Northern NJ here.
  4. Baton Rouge, LA. Hosted by Elizabeth Hill of Handmade At Homestead. RSVP for Baton Rouge here.
  5. Springfield, MA. Hosted by Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap Co. RSVP for Springfield/Western MA here.
  6. Charlotte, NC. Hosted by Yours Truly. RSVP for Charlotte, NC here.
  7. Burbank, CA. Hosted by Jennifer Hardaway of Klean Spa. RSVP for Burbank/North Hollywood here.
  8. State College, PA. Hosted by Dawn Shaffer of French Hill Country Candle and Soap Silicone Molds. RSVP for State College here.
  9. Upstate/Binghamton, NY. Hosted by Maria Gelnet of Angelic Glow. RSVP for Binghamton/Upstate New York here.
  10. Atlanta, GA. Hosted by Ricci Ackerman of Naturoway and Samantha Dickey of Dirty Beauty. RSVP for Atlanta here.

Several other cities are registered as well, and they are looking for your RSVP, after which time they can secure a location in your area! Among them are Chattanooga, TN (hosted by Ginger Moore of NEOS Creations), Hillsboro, OH (near Cincinnati and hosted by Mary Humphrey of Annie's Goat Hill Soaps) and Cosby, TN (near Gatlinburg and hosted by Cynthia Johnston of Moonmaid Botanicals).

Hosting and/or attending an event like this is a great way to promote your own business in your local community.

What perfect timing for the stars to align for you, in your own local and supportive community, right at the beginning of a New Year! I hope you won't miss this chance to kick of 2012 in the company of the people and ideas who can help you make it the best year ever!

Question: Are you planning to attend Indie Business Meetup on January 14, 2012?

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Sadly none seem to be close to Cleveland Ohio


How far are you from Hillsboro, where Mary is hosting?

Next time, you can host in Cleveland if you'd like!


dM, I beieve we are 5 or more hours in distance.  I wish I could help, Nancy!

Looking forward to seeing my friends on Saturday..Nice to be able to relax, chat and eat good food.


~IBN Local Director NYC

Looking forward to seeing you too Melissa!

Are the meetups initiated by the local IBN Director?

They are in cities where we have a director.

If we don't have a director in your city, or if the director cannot host, then anyone can host.

Where are you? Would you like to host, Kara?

Let me know!


Hi dM,


I'm in Baltimore. Were there any specifics to hosting the meetup?




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