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Home Compostable Cosmetics Packaging / Lip Balm Tubes and Cosmetic jars (Eco Tubes and Eco Jars)

We have the first eco-friendly and green home-compostable cosmetics packaging for lip balms and other oil-based cosmetics

Please contact me if you are interested in ordering the patented home-compostable lip balm tubes and home-compostable jars for cosmetics (The Eco Tube and Eco Jar).  These tubes and jars have been tested thoroughly to hold oil-based cosmetics and lip balms.  The current sizes of the tubes are 1.5-2.1 ounces, and the jars currently come in 4 ounce and 6 ounce sizes.  We are currently designing a 2oz capacity jar that is similar to this 4oz jar. It is expected to be available for sampling and sales by the end of the first quarter 2012.   I have attached pictures of the current product offerings.

These home-compostable tubes replaces the environmentally unfriendly current form factor of the majority of lip balms in the market.

About the home-compostable tubes:

1. 100% post consumer waste paper

2. Soy Ink available on larger orders

3. Organic adhesive and glaze

4. Biodegradable

5. Home compostable

6. Very durable!

The home-compostable jars replace the environmentally unfriendly current form factor of the majority of cosmetic jars in the market.

About the home-compostable cosmetic jars:

1. Paper Tube Technology

2. 100% post consumer waste paper label

3. Made with organic adhesive and glaze

4. Grease proof liner

5. Biodegradable

6. Very durable! 

The packaging has received some awards:

2010 Green Packy – Natural Foods Expo. Award sponsored by Whole Foods Markets – Green Mission and others.

For compostable lip balm package.

• DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation

• Recognition in the Industry:

o Beauty Packaging Magazine

o Package Design Magazine’s Sustainable Webinar

o Brand Packaging’s 2009 Sustainable Design Gallery

o Highlighted at HBA’s New Products Showcase

We feel that these tubes and jars are part of the larger solution of reducing our reliance on one-use plastic and other environmentally unfriendly packaging.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing this wonderful cosmetics packaging further or ordering the home-compostable tubes or jars. Thanks!


ken (at) ecovisionpackaging (dot) com

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can your tube handle a waterbased gel? what are the min orders? thanks, Bob Ray

Hi Robert:

I had actually not checked this page for a while. If anyone wants to contact me, I am best reached at the email provided above.  Thanks!  The Eco Tubes and Jars hold oil-based cosmetics, and not water-based cosmetics. Water will break down the patented paper packaging. 

As for minimums, there are no minimums on the Eco Jars, and for the Eco Tubes, the miminums are 2000 if you want printing on them, and there is no minimum if you want our green leafy generic tubes.  Please email me for more details.



Hi Ken,

I would like to know the price of the tubes--I want to order a trial size for a new lip balm- please send me details on how to order.

Thank you.

 Silvia De La Rosa

how did they do? did you get them?

Hello Silvia:

Please contact me at ken at Ecovisionpackaging dot com and we can discuss pricing.



I am interested in this type of packaging . Silly question how do you put the lip balm in the tubes so they aren't messy?

What is the pricing?

Hello Michelle:

Please contact me at ken at Ecovisionpackaging dot com, and we can discuss pricing and your questions.



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