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Yesterday, I interviewed Alfred Edmond, Jr., the Senior Vice President and Editor-At-Large of Black Enterprise Magazine. Alfred and I have Tweeted each other on occasion since our paths first crossed when my Indie Business Blog was recognized as one of the Black Blogosphere's Best. Alfred's team invited me to interview him about issues facing entrepreneurs today. I jumped at the chance -- you know I did.

I jumped even higher when I was told that in exchange for the interview, I could win a trip to the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs' Conference in Chicago in May 2012 if I got the most comments on my post. (So you know what I'm going to ask you to do.) But first, I'm going to tread you to Alfred's special insights.

Enjoy the conversation, and then scroll to the bottom and leave a comment at the blog to help we win the trip! Thanks for helping an Indie Sister out!

Interview Outline

  1. The "creative economy" (1:15)
  2. How small and micro-businesses can and should participate in the political process (2:26)
  3. How Alfred personally embraces new media and digital technology (relationships vs. transactions) (4:40)
  4. The importance of building your personal brand (6:39)
  5. Alfred's physical fitness advice (you are your most important asset!) (8:00)

Interview Resources

Alfred and I discussed the following resources in this interview:

Help Me Win The Trip!

OK, Indies! I've never asked you to do this before. I've been saving the privilege up for something I really want, and this is it!

Won't you please leave a comment in the comment section (not the FaceBook section) so I can have a good chance to win a trip to the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur's Conference. I promise I'll blog stuff you'll enjoy every day I'm there, and I'll bring you some fun videos and interviews to help you grow your business.

Please comment about anything Alfred shared: social media, health and fitness, personal branding, the creative economy ...

And if you're not a member here or you can't find your login, you can comment on this post at my blog here. Take your pick -- both will count towards my entry!

I appreciate it!

Question: What in my interview with Alfred resonated the most with you?

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The thing that resonated most with me was that we a business owners need to be involved politically, not necessarily for a certain party but be involved with the issues.  This is an area I have been thinking how could I get more involved in and utilize the resources to grow my business.

What resonated the most with me in your interview with Alfred Edmond, Jr was the idea of creative economy. As a small business person, I am always trying to think of ways to be creative in my displays, products and the items that I have available. Also appreciated hearing that it is important to Listen, Respond & Serve, that is a big part of the business opportunity.

Great video!  I like the points about embracing and engaging in new technology and getting involved politically, but most importantly, taking care of you.  Being the sole person operating my business, I forget how important it is to take care of me. It's not until I run my self down and just can't do anymore, that I realized, when I'm not 100%, business needs don't get handled, and if I can't handle business with the strength and clarity I need, then I'm doing more harm to my business than good.

I like Indie with Donna Marie more than any other blog!  She is great!  There is always very informative and useful information here! :-)

Great interview!  I love the social media question and Alfred Edmond's response that we need to have good relationships with our customers, not just transactions! I believe that if we adopt the listen, respond and serve model in our business the return will be great.  As always Donna Maria, you bring powerful people and great information to the Indie network, that are crucial to the growth of our businesses!  Thank you for mentoring me and my business, I am forever grateful!!

Listen, respond and serve!

Thanks for the great interview, dM! 

I would like to say that the entire interview was great.  All of it has imparted strength and is confirming to me.  The thing that stands out and speaks volumes to me is the "entrepreneurial mindselt" and how that leads to success.  I'm one of those "who always saw myself owning a business and being an entrepreneur".  It has taken me many years but now here I am and the mindset has solidified and grown to massive proportions.  It is part of who I am and success is mine because of it. YAY!  As you think, so it will be because where the mind goes, the person follows.  Think it, own it, live it.

What resonated the most with you?


I did not have to think twice about what resonated the most with me.  In fact, I reached for the pen and small notebook to write the three simple (but powerful) words down. 

                              Listen    Respond   and  Serve!


I was also enthused by Alfred's solid reminder that we, the entrepreneur, are OUR most important asset.  How can we work efficiently if we are tired, or if we don't feel well?


Last, but not least, the entrepreneur mindset.  And even more so now, the "creative economy."  In these times so many are re-careering, or pioneering in businesses.  Those that have had the entrepreneur mindset are steps ahead.  Those that are learning to be creative entrepreneaurs are also going to be steps ahead. 


I am so glad I listened to the the interview.  It was fantastic.

Fantastic interview. Donna Maria, always delivers a wealth of information to all of us. We sure are our own greatest asset!

Thank you.


What resonated with me was when he spoke about business owners thinking like entrepreneurs and even if you don't own a business and work for others (like he does for Black Enterprise Magazine) it's still important to THINK like an entrepreneur to be successful. Great interview.

Listen, Respond and Serve..I agree. Great interview!

Thank you both DonnaM and Mr. Edmond Jr. for this informative discussion.  I loved the entire interview, but especially appreciate the "relationship vs transaction " and tip on the book 'Thank You Economy' and personal branding.  Thank you Donna for knowing exactly what questions to ask to obtain so much clarity in a short amount of time. 


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