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Hey everyone!  A friend of mine, Melinda Knight, has been working for months along with a team of others (including me!) to document the struggles and everyday life of women inventors as they work each day to develop their products and get them into retail stores.  Below is a note from Melinda along with the promo video we are using to pitch this to TV networks, cable networks, and anyone else who may have interest in making this documented journey a TV show.  All help is appreciated!




Womentorz has a very exciting opportunity!  We have created a pitch for a reality show called The Real Women Inventors of America that's up on YouTube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn5tW7NMOqU

We will be pitching this to network execs in a few weeks and need as much support as possible from all of you.  Please share this with everyone and encourage positive comments.  When this project gets picked up it will change the lives of all of the women inventors and entrepreneurs who are part of our network.  There's nothing like it on television and the support and buzz is already overwhelming. 

Thank you for your support.  Have a wonderful day.


Melinda Knight,
Owner & Founder

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Congratulations & good luck!
Thanks Dannette! Spread the word!!



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