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I don't know if I am reading to deeply into it..or what the case may be..but I am having the hardest time finding the best way to label my products affordably and weatherproof.  I've tried online labels, clear laser and white laser..and have had issues with both.  I usually take my labels down to a local print shop and they are never aligned correctly because the top edge of the paper is off by like a quarter of a quarter of an inch...so I end up losing labels and the last few times I've tried to print they have crinkled in the machine and ruined the machine literally. 


My vision is for my labels to have the store quality look and feel..but as affordably done as possible. Any help is appreciated on this.  Thanks in Advance!

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Hi Leslie,

you should try purchasing the primera lx900. It's a little costly but you will get a professional look. I just purchased one and works like a charm. With this printer you are able to do short run label print jobs. You may be able to purchase the lx810 online from other retailers but the Primera site no longer sells that model because the lx900 is it's replacement. From my understanding the lx900 uses less ink and prints the labels a little faster than the lx810. It's a great investment and if you get it by September 31, 2011 they are offering a $300 rebate.




Have you tried using the polyester weatherproof labels (use the ones for your printer type, inkject or laser) then covering them with either clear labels or clear packing tape? This give added resistance and durability. I use this method. I print my labels onto full sheet polyester weatherproof labels, then cover the whole printed sheet with a clear full sheet label. I then cut (using a straight rotary cutter) and there you go. Using fulls sheets allows for no alignment mishaps plus you don't need to keep different size labels on hand for different projects.  The clear over-label gives it a nice professional quality look and feel and added durability against water, oils, etc. I've not had any problems using this method and have even tested my putting a bottle with this type label in water for half and hour without it getting destroyed.

I like online labels waterproof glossy label.  I use a Epson workforce inkjet printer with the durabrite ink on the glossy photo setting.  Makes perfect waterproof labels.  What do you think about these?


I love your labels Arricka...what software do you use?

I use Microsoft Publishing. I usually use full sheet labels but when I use regular ones I position the labels to align with the way my printer is going to print that sheet because every printer is different. Epson printers are very good even on regular labels because their ink does not bleed when wet. Very important at outdoor shows in rainy places!
I am using Onlinelabels too right now (polyester weatherproof) and printing on my own computer, but I am having the same issues as you. Tired of always trimming my labels because they are always misalligned. To make things worse, when sunscreen gets on them, all the color just smears off and becomes one huge mess.So now I've found a company that I am working with and I will be relabeling my entire line (over 50 skus) You can check them out at www.naturalsourceprinting.com They can do very small runs, but I can't tell you prices because they are different for different sizes and quantities. Just email them with your ideas and they will run a quote.
Don is cheaper then Online labels.....they contacted me.....and were surprised at his prices!!!

Give Don at Livingston Label, in Livingston Tennessee, a call.  His prices are fantastic.  I cut my label costs by2/3 when I started using him.  I pay about 5 cents a label.  931.823.1221  Have a look at his work at my website....www.moonmaidbotanicals.com

Let him know I referred you.

I searched for years.....there is no one less expensive!!!


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