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Hi everyone!


I have been using onlinelables' brand clear lip balm tube labels for almost a year.  I have shrink wrapped,  ran a thin line of tape down the seam, and nothing seems to keep these labels from peeling off.  At first I thought it was because I mainly use the oval tubes, but even when I do a promo flavor and use the round tubes, they still do it.   I've also tried using the white labels, I was going to switch even though they didn't match the rest of my line.  But even they still do it, too. 

Does anyone else have this issue with these particular label with this company? I use a variety of products from online labels, and I don't have any issues with any others.  Just this one.  I called and they offered me free ones, but that doesn't solve the problem.

Does anyone know of a reasonably priced company that offers a reliable label that will stay on?  I also want the perforated cap; preferably.  I don't want to have to shrink wrap them if I don't have to.  Customers always complain they are so hard to get open (because they are). 

I know there is always the consideration to have them outsourced...and believe me, I would love to be able to afford to do that.  I'm just not there yet.  I also want to be able to add products/change labels if I need to, and giving control over to a company just doesn't make sense right now.


Thanks in advance,
Missy Marlar


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Let me add that the tape works--as long as it is in the perfect spot and then I have to be sure they are perfectly sized pieces to not run over the perforation on the tamper proof lid.  I don't want to have to use tape.  I want the labels to stay on!

Hi Missy,

I had the same issue with I tried to use those labels (both clear and white) from them.  I opted to have my labels professional done now by 4over4.com.  Very reasonable.

I would love to know if you find a solutions as I'm adding more options to my balms.

OK thank you Tieast!  I will let you know for sure.  And I will check out the printing company's prices. 


Sherri, is there any odor associated with the Preserve It!, or with the Krylon products? I have considered using these types of products myself but hesitated due to the possibility of the odor. 

Hi Missy

I use onlinelabels exclusively and have used both the perforated-style for lip balms and the (421) style -guess you can tell which one I prefer because I know the number off the top of my head!  : ) - I have never had an issue with staying on.  I too have used both the oval and the round.  My customers prefer that I shrinkwrap as opposed to the perforated top label.

Do you think the exterior of your tubes my have a slight bit of oil or product on them?  Did you just try wiping down the exterior of your tube with a little alcohol?



I'm sorry to hear that the labels will not stick to your lip balm tubes. We do have one more option for you to try, our newly released Aggressive White Matte label material. The Aggressive label material was developed for the exact issue you have been facing.

We would be more than happy to send you some samples to test, I would suggest sampling our lip balm labels with the perforated tab so you don't have to use a shrink sleeve. Here is a link to that item http://www.onlinelabels.com/Products/OL1102AT.htm

The issue you have been facing is most likely related to a coating the plastic manufacturer sprays in their mold when producing the tubes. The spray or lubricant is used so that the lip balm tubes don't stick and fall out of mold once created, it could also be in the chemical composition of the actual plastic. I would suggest sourcing some samples from other lip balm tube suppliers like eBottles.com or SpecialtyBottle.com and see how their product compare.

Hope this information helps, please feel free to call me anytime with questions.



Matt Hamilton




Thanks for all of the replies!  I do not know if it is an outer coating on my tubes.  I use sks bottle oval .15 oz tubes.  I do wipe down with sanitizer prior to application of the label.  Matt, I use the perforated label, the clear ones, and prefer the perforation.  I want to use clear labels, not the white.  Does this new material for the lip balms come in clear?  I use natural lip balm tubes, and like being able to see my product inside the tube.  (and the customers complement on this as well. 

I would love to have a a sample sent out--if they are clear.  I will probably call online labels later today if I don't hear a response back soon.




Currently we only carry this aggressive label material in white paper material.  

For everyone reading our comments please note that all for our label materials have a permanent stick adhesive.  The new aggressive adhesive is made for applications that have textured, rounded, and abrasive surfaces that a normal label would not hold onto.   


Hi Sherri,

I have been using our White Weatherproof Polyester Laser (LP) material for my sons sippy cups, and plastic food containers that he takes to daycare.  All of these things go into our hot dishwasher and then into a cold fridge with no problems.  He has been in daycare for about 3 weeks and the labels are still sticking and looking great!


Matt Hamilton



Loving the love!  Let me know how your test go.  

Printing Tip: In your printer properties set the paper setting to a heavier setting like "card stock" this will fuse the toner onto the labels better.

Talk soon,

Matt :-)


We have the same problem with those labels that you mentioned, so finally gave up and have Flextech (local printer here in Utah) to mass produce them (It cost us $704.50 (6,000 in a roll-for all 15 flavors). But we still use Online labels for the custom orders. I believe Matt is right about the tube issues. Although, it's hard to find the culprit bec. we buy from SKS, Soaps & things, Elements, MMS still have the same problem. The Krylon spray just smell so bad, I figured its bad for us to breathe that stuff (just me talking). I really like the new labels we have done from Flextech (we are actually in talks with them to let us do custom orders in small quantity but we have to redesign our labels) like leave the box blank for them to add the individual info. We haven't done it yet so we shall see...All I can tell you is you'll be very happy to get it done by the professional printer including the perforated cap - no more shrink wrapping-Save you time & Electricity! Hope this helps!!!

I also use onlinelables.com and had this problem with  some of my lables also until I started wiping my bottles with alcohol because the oil that was on my bottle was making the label come up,now the problem has been resolved. 


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