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Hello Indies is there anything else you can use to flavor Lip Blams beside Flavor Oils? the ones that I have purchased do not have the best taste or flavor and I am looking for something better also that could be sweet to the taste...thanks!!

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You can use stevia to add sweetness.  


Here is a link to where you can buy stevia for lip balm from Brambleberry.


Thanks ladies I have considered using Stevia.....I read about this other company who uses the same flavor oil that they use in candy and was wondering if some one has ever done this.


I've not used candy flavoring but if I did, I would be certain to make sure it was oil based and not water based. Since lip balm is anhydrous, a water based flavoring would not blend without an emulsifier. 


The truth about lip safe flavor oils is that they are just lip safe fragrance oils and don't really have a taste/flavor to them like one might think.  The scent fools the brain into thinking it is tasting what it is smelling.  That's why many add a sweetener to their lip products, so that enhances the taste sensation even further.


Hi Nashonta, 

Have you tried honey with an essential oil? Just an idea. 



Liquid honey sometimes separates out. Depends on the formula. In products I make for myself, I have added a touch of lanolin, which seems to stabilize any honey in an oil/wax mixture.

Hey Nashonta,

   Ginger makes a great point. My company gears our lip balm around peppermint because it provides that tingly sensation on the lips (due to the organic peppermint & eucalyptus). As for others flavors, like our citrus lip balm our consumers enjoy the product because the wonderful scent they give off. In turn, the brain thinks it is tasting what it is smelling. 

   I've dabbled in everything from different emulsifiers to honeys & such, but for the best (most true) organic lip balm, I recommend sticking with a healthy organically derived essential oil. The healthy conscious individuals will appreciate it, good luck! 



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