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I am planning a move sometime soon. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with transferring their LLC from one US state to another. I decided to wait until I move before proceeding. The Dept of State and IRS sites have plenty of info for the process itself, but I just want to hear from any who has done this. The information always help and I do not want my small business to be greatly affected.

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Hi Mimi


Sorry I can't help. I recently just did my LLC on my own and have no plans of leaving the state (NY). I hope it isn't a big deal for you to transfer your LLC over. Good luck!


Thanks Melissa! I learned that moving your llc is not as difficult as would be expected. A small business has several options, including the option to dissolve and start anew in the other state. I was given some information by someone who has done just that. The llc as an entity, allows you to choose from up to four different options if the company is moving. Thanks!


As I mentioned, I wanted to hear from soemone with experience and I was lucky to find that person. Below is a link for anyone who might be interested in the basics: http://www.bizfilings.com/learn/moving-business.aspx


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