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Hello Indies,


I have been working to change and update my current logo to something with more pops of color. The updated logo change will included on my site, labels, business cards, etc. I was wondering is there anyone that prints out there own labels that are colorful? I love the idea of prirnting my own labels with more than 3 to 4 colors but I keep getting pulled back to the cost factor of it all since I am not at the point where I can source my printing out to a label company yet but will look to that option next year.





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For the last 3 years, I've printed my own, full color design background labels. Each collection has different colors and one collection has a rainbow colored design.  Cost wise, Yeah it is a bit more expensive than what others may use but it fit my bottles and jars and went with the collections. The cost of each label will vary from person to person based on their printer, ink costs, and size of labels used.  On average, my labels cost me about $0.35 each to print.  In my opinion, that's not too bad in comparison to professionally printed labels with more than 2 colors plus the set up fees that can add up.


This is just my experience with it. Hopefully others will chime in with more for you to chew on. 

Hi Kara,

I found that printing my own labels were way to expensive for me.  The cost of ink for my printer was running close to $70 not including the cost of labels.  After spending the money, I found that I didn't get "Great" print quality and even on the 'No Smudge' labels, my labels would still smudge.

I've been using 4over4.com for my labels and postcard printing.  They have a very low minimum, starting at 25 labels for about $7 which is about .28 cents per, their turnaround if fast and the quality is great.  I have full color labels and use their high gloss labels on my body washes and lotions and they look fabulous and do not fade (at least I haven't had the experience).  There is no set up fee and they have tones of sizes to choose from or you can customize your sizes.  If you find them on Facebook, "Like" their page and you'll get a one time 30% off on a purchase.  That can help you get started and test them out. Oh yeah, their customer service is excellent. 

Hope this is helpful to you!

We've been printing almost all of our labels... The idea of getting them is very attractive if for no ther reason than saving time and consistent, quality results. Tieast, I've never heard of that company but will check them out.

That is another reason that I have my labels printed professionally.  It saves time which saves money when you're a one man show.  I'm learning that I can't do everything and keep  business moving and if you're selling quite a bit of products, it's great to have them at the ready when you need them (ask me how I now...).

Chelsea, this company was actually recommended to me some time ago by one of our NJ Indie friends :).  The company is in Queens, NY so the delivery time is great AND, they offer delivery by messenger (for certain areas).

Yesterday I received a group of labels that I order.  The smallest group of labels, . 875 x 3 (or something like that), I received 60 labels for the same price of the 25 (larger labels) for $7.

I perused through their site yesterday, what type of labels are you using from them? I see the professional and standard and the professional ones being the only labels that have a weather proofing option.

HI Kara,

I use their standard labels with the High Gloss coating.  I use them on my lotions, creams and Body Washes, which I've tested here (my daughter keeps her bottle in the shower shelving) and it holds up really well.

Good Morning Kara,

I have purchased waterproof polyester "on-line-label" products for the last 3 years and take them to my local print shop where he charges 45cents per sheet to print.  Each sheet has 12 lovely labels with 5 or 6 colors.  I sell oils and sprays and my labels never run and look sharp and professional. Check them out at my website

Maggie Smith  FlowerEssenceEnergy.com

Wow Maggie, although I have inquired with a local printer about lables in general, I had never given thought in asking if they could print on the labels that I physcially brought to them. I am going to visit them soon to see if this would be an option along with what the cost would be.

Hi Kara

I was in your situation a couple of years ago.  I had to many types of labels I needed to print and a very small budget!

I found a great label printer, it's a Primera LX900, I even bought it with a buy now pay later credit card that was offered.

I now print water resistant labels in many shapes, it even prints small sizes for lip balms and sample sizes.

Here is the link: http://www.primeralabel.com/lx900_features.html

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Have you ever figured out what it costs per label?  Just curious for future planning???  Wondering how this compares to having them printed by a professional printer.

I second the primera.  We have 682 products and would be dead in the water without it!  great quality and great labels!


Terra and Crystal, I won't say what the first few words were that came out of my mouth when I saw the price, lol. Outside of that I now have true printer envy!! That would definitely pay for itself over time.


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