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Hello Ladies and Gents:


I am working on creating my brand and logo for my beauty shop.  I have a graphic designer working on my logo and this is what he has so far. I really like the one with the women but I am not sure if it relates to the look I am going for....I am not to sure about the other ones yet


Name of the Company: Serenity

Line of Products: For now just body butters- will expand to soaps and specialty cosmetic products.

Logo: I want a logo that is simple, elegant and timeless

About Me: Love People, Love Truth, Love Progress, Love Learning


Let me know what you think about these logos. Your honest feedback is greatly appreciated :)


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Here are some additional logos. Does anyone know how to imbedd the actual picture into the discussion so that you won't have to go through the hassle of downloading each one? Thanks

Of the 3, I like the blue and pink one best.

Good luck with your launch!

Thank you very much for your feedback Donna. I really appreciate it.
I cant see the final image, but I like the Logo1. Just my honest feedback here...I like the image a lot, but I would give her some more definition for the nose. Also, I would consider some different color options. I don't want to come off as negative because it is a very nice image...
Thank you CMD. A lot of people like Logo1....I like it too ...I know it needs some adjustments ( just trying to figure out exactly what type of adjustments). Your feedback is greatly appreciated- I will try to get him to play around with the colors and define some of the features.
Hi Geraldine,

I like logo1. I'm not sure about the coloring but I like the logo design.
Thank you very much for your feedback :)
Hi Geraldine,

1st congrats on everything!!! may you be always be prosperous. i absolutely love the name but i can only see the 1st two images. from what i saw they are nice, the blue hair is a cute touch. i also cant see the ones in the above post either (now im thinking its my comp).
in going through this same process i know i want someones gut reaction to the logo, then i tell them about the business, then ask if they coincide (i know you cant do that here with this medium lol). but i also know how very crucial feedback is. so please dont think im being negative with the following:

- when i look at the logo (without thinking about your description), my 1st immediate thought is "hair salon". this is not in a negative way or to down play hair salons, but thats what i think when i see the pretty lady stand out with the pretty flowing hair.
- when i think of your description, then the logo, i do not feel a connection with body butters. BUT thats not saying much i guess since you stated you would be expanding your product line.
- also i dont think it coincides with elegant (its a little too sexy for elegant), timeless (still debating this one as beauty is timeless right?) or your about me (which i feel is extremely important, especially since your 1st words were 'my brand' & not 'my product/store/etc').
- also you say beauty shop but are you a beauty salon starting to offer products? (if so then disregard above, as that logo is perfect for a womens salon of almost any type)

in saying all of that, again i like the logo, its really nice. but really im curious to know what YOUR very 1st gut reaction was when you saw it. and not how you saw it as a picture, but how you saw it as a representation of yourself and your brand?

i truthfully hope none of my comments are taken in a derogatory/mean spirited/negative tone as they were in no way meant to be.

hope i helped & good luck!
Hi Kia:

Thank you for your generous feedback…I did not take it as negative. I LOVE your idea of showing the logo first and getting everyones’ reaction before telling them about the business. Great way to see if you are conveying the message accurately.

Honestly, when I saw the logo designs… I did not really put much thought into how it represented me. What I gave thought into was if it was reflected the vision that I wanted for the business.(elegance, beauty as being is timeless+ a timeless logo—I want something that could last a lifetime).

I spent some time looking over the logo mock-ups. After brainstorming…I think that the logo with the lady ‘as it now stands” may not be the one….I believe that it would need some tweaking to achieve the exact look that I want..(The colors, the actual picture, the font, etc). It’s funny that you say that it’s a little “too sexy” for elegance b/c I asked a male and he said he saw a mix of “elegance, sex, and femininity”….

I have attached the other logo-mock ups in a word document.
hey Geraldine

ok so im glad you understand im not being negative, so i can stop apologizing for my honesty lol. (please know no matter what it will never be mean spirited, so if i ever come across like that let me know).

ok with the male friend i totally get it, and whole heartedly agree with him. the picture does have a mix of elegance, sex & feminity. but it itself is not elegant. do you know what i mean? the last pics also bought to mind strip club. o.O

im so happy you decided to start from scratch. these pics here already make me feel so much better and they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more versatile. now for a breakdown...

#1 - the heart itself looks cheesy (besides the scale to the S is off) - return it
#2 - i LIKE it - love the heart - but it feels lopsided - its top heavy - the end is light
#3 - i love it - the Y actually looks like a rose (roses usually equal automatic serenity) (aha moment?) lol. personally i like the gold in #2, it feels more mature/grounded. the size of the heart i think is perfect, but something feels a pinch off with the S (just a pinch i said). on whole it needs just a little little tweaking, maybe a slightly more cursive font, and the Y is a little too fat and squished.

MAINLY ITS MORE VERSATILE. you could do anything with this (beauty shop, salon, spa, massage therapist, therapist, aromatherapy and even a strip club [but a good upscale one]. AAAAAND on consumer side, it adds an immediate curiousity & an immediate anxiety (in a good way) to hurry up and see what the product/service is. thats a perfect customer drawing, money making mix!!

with all that being said. how did YOU feel when you FIRST saw them??? your immediate thought/reaction was how different than when you saw the others?

this is you
this is your brand
LOL @ the Elegant Strip Club. One of my sorority sisters thought “Provocative”....so I am going to put that logo to sleep for now b/c its not giving off the vibe that I want...and let’s not talk about the other stuff that I heard!

Regarding how I felt about the remaining logos I attached ...I had to look at them a couple of times...which says to me that none of them were quite what I was looking for....i thought “boring” the only one that made me “tickle” was the one with the female—I may use it for something else but not for the logo......so it’s back to square one for me. I thought this would have been easy.....IT IS NOT!!!!!!!

I also got rid of the designer b/c I felt that he did not contribute much.....and I was not impressed overall with the level of creativity involved...sooo back to finding a LOGO MAN or WOMEN.
Thank you for your help...really got me thinking about what I should be focusing on.
1. no lets talk about them! i sooooo want to hear what else you heard about the first logos. lol!

ok im so glad you got rid of him.... i felt the same exact way, but in this recession i would never say fire him (no matter how hard i reeeally thought it) lol. i felt his creativity wasnt creative enough, especially if he was being paid.

some good inexspensive places to look can be a close by college/university or trade school that specializes in graphic arts. you can place a cheap add in their paper for trade for print type of relationship. of course you can choose to pay them, or promise to be a reference for them for future business. you can do this with a lot of services, web design, models, photography, business consulting, so on and so on. and its also nice to know that youre helping someone else further themselves. just be nice & patient, some are still 'children' but some are on their grind and are very much about their business.

also the site, which i cant remember, where your idea goes out to a sleu of different people & you pick the one you like the most. kind of like an auction. or the free create your own logo sites.

maybe 1 last ol' try for the designer, maybe he'll try extra hard. believe me there was a very big creative jump from the 1st set to the next. also it might have helped if you told him the responses you got vs. the responses you wanted. that would/should have let him know which way to steer his creativity.

good luck hun
(yeah im still waiting on what else you heard)


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