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Looking for airless 1 oz containers; low minimums & low price!

Have you already researched where to buy these airless pumps at a good price? I'd appreciate any site referrals!



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I was excited about airless pumps when I first learned about them.  What a great idea, and another opportunity to reduce the need for preservatives ( I thought). 

I researched and found two sources of low-priced airless pumps.  Pretty sure it was the same pump at both companies. I started with a 1.7 oz pump, and ordered some in clear, opaque and white just to mess around with them.   However, all of the pumps ended up unable to pump out the last inch or so of product, so I am not using them.  (I tried two different products in them -- a serum and a moisturizer.)

I'd like to hear from others.  Is this just my product or my experience, or have others had trouble with these pumps? 

Hello deanna,


Pls visit our website for the airless pumps.www.cosbeauty-pack.com




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