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I know that Ambergris is very rare ingredient for perfume making. Does anyone know where I can buy some of it?

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Ugh, it ate my reply. Ambergris comes from endangered sperm whales. It's illegal to own in the US and many other countries. I know the fines are huge and there can be jail time involved. Also, any of your socially sensative customers would be driven off. This is not a moral judgement (although, I admit I come from a family where spending a vacation in a small raft saving whales was not out of the question), it's just the current laws. They do make and use synthetic ambergris in perfumes that date back. I know Herme's Amazon smelled like a note of Ambergris was in it, but mom would not have touched it if it did for real.
Yes, I know about the whales. I did a major research on this even though the info is somewhat limited. It is not clear whether it is legal or illigal but they claim that these days ambergris that's sold is washed up and collected from the beaches. But I still can't find it, except one Italian company. That's why I was wondering if I could get some. I don't even know what it smells like.
You can purchase Ambergris at Perfumers Apprentice they are on the web. It is sold already diluted. Use of Ambergris does not harm the whales. They spit this substance up and then it floats in the ocean until it is washed up on shore. It is then collected and sold as a raw material to the perfume industry. I hope this helps. If you are looking for raw Ambergris Profumo It may have that.
not all of it floats to the surface. Much of it is from whale harvesting. Just source CAREFULLY, making sure it's legally harvested. I know I ws recently told I can't bring it into the states, without a permit when on a cruise.
The USA Situation.

In the US the passing of the Endangered Species Act in 1973 consolidated protection for the Sperm whale and its products that were specifically protected in 1970. The Act was passed to protect whales – which were slaughtered not only for whalemeat and spermaceti, but also for ambergris – and at the time of passing the Act in the US 96% of traded ambergris came from sperm whales and only 4% from shore wash-ups. The website at http://www.rsmas.miami.edu/support/lib/seas/seasQA/QAs/a/ambergris.... sstates:

This is frm a website on endangered species in the world. The last big real Ambergris find was in Austailia. I can't remember the dang url and I closed the window. IT'S NOT SHOWING IN MY HISTORY! Grrrr. Just read everything you can and the Endangered Species act in the US. CYA!!! Protect your business. This isn't about my ethics. Reallly. It's about you not getting sent to jail. Which would suck, big time. I had a friend who owned eagle feathers. He hauled them to Pow Wow and since he's not registered to own them, nor an NDN (what we all ourselves on the net, pronounce it. Not all, but most), he got busted, big time. I had some, but old my fan when I stopped dancing. I had to go through a major bruhahaha to sell them and I had them registered and am Native American, 50%

Ambergris is not restricted, except in some import issues in Australia.  The ESA that you quote is outdated, here is information collected by Linda of Perfumer's Apprentice in Santa Cruz.  Ambergris may be purchased from many sources, such as http://www.ambergris.co.nz/


Here is the letter containing information from US Fish and Wildlife, which has domain over such matters:

Legalities of Ambergris buying and selling in the United States
U.S Fish & Wildlife & Import Enforcement 650-876-9078 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              650-876-9078      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
        Spoke to Inspector Holmes (a supervisor) in the San Francisco Office
       Ambergris is not defined as a product of the whale and is not subject
to restriction.  The whale expels it naturally without human intervention. 
It must float for years on the ocean before it is useful to perfumers.
Legalities of Civet
        An import license is necessary to import civet and civet tincture from overseas. 
        Buying from a licensed American company is not restricted.
Legalities of Castoreum
        An import license is necessary to import castoreum pods and castoreum tincture
        Buying from a licensed American company is not restricted.
Legalities of Musk Deer
        Both the deer musk pods and deer musk tincture are illegal in 
the United States because of this deer's status as Appendix I 
Endangered Species in CITES
This information was based on a number of conversations with Inspector Holmes 
during Nov. and Dec. 2005. She gave her assurances that no other government
agency than U.S Fish and Wildlife would have any legal jurisdiction 
in this area. Their department is responsible for wildlife protection 
and enforcement, and they work closely with the U.S Customs Dept.
For an explanation of the Listings of CITES:
The FDA has no issues with any of these substances.
See: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.c...


I have a whole bag of it in its raw form, not sure what to do with it?? Any ideas and do you want some of it?  I got it from a pretty famous botanical perfumer years ago, ( not mentioning who-lol)
Natural ambergris can be ground up and made into a tincture using denatured or pure grape alcohol. A small amount of grains will nicely scent a small amount (@10ml) of alcohol. I acquired some and was able to make a nice tincture using this method. Ambergris tincture like fine red wine will get better with age. Just keep it tightly closed, away from heat and light and it will last vitrtually forever.
Thank you for sharing that, I will do that today!:)
I grate mine with a microplane and make a 3% tincture.  Eg,  3 grams of ambergris, 97 grams of 190 proof alcohol, such as Everclear 190.  Keep in a tightly-stoppered glass jar or bottle, shake the bottle one a day, at least, for several months.  Useable in six months.
Lisa, I must ask you - are you sure it's real ambergris?   At $20/g retail, it might be "ambergris" compound instead, which is maybe $3/g.  There has been a lot of confusion over the years.  If you have any photos of it, I'd be happy to look at them, and you can find ways to test if it's real ambergris here http://www.ambregris.net/information.htm

Hi :) cool site I will test it, but I got it as a gift from one of the reputable sources in the natural botanical perfume circles I know, so I am sure it is, but doing the tests will be fun for sure. And I reread your post so maybe I did misunderstand her, I will check. And

I will also take a photo and upload today.


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