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Hey Everyone!!!


I have a questions, Does anyone know of any Classes offered in the Charlotte, NC  or surrounding area?  Im doing well learning on my own, but I would like to take a class to get a better understanding.

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Hi Dia,

What kind of classes? What are you trying to get a better understanding of exactly?

Well, lm looking for all classes I guess. From soap making, to lotions and creams and anything else that can be useful. Im willing to learn as much as I can.

Get you a couple of good soapmaking books if possible. The Soap Making Companion is a good start. There are lots of websites that have video's on soapmaking maybe watching them first will make it a bit easier. Here is a link to one site




Thank you for clarifying your request. It will be easier for people to help you now that they know what kind of classes you are looking for. I also changed the title of the discussion from Question!!! to Looking For Soap and Cosmetic Making Classes. Again, this will help people know how to help you.

I don't know of any cosmetic making classes in Charlotte, but some amazingly knowledgable IBN members offer online classes. You can find out how to register by finding them in our Events Calendar.

It would be great if some of the more experienced ladies could do some video classes that us newbies could check out.
That would be amazing. I have lots of energy and even though I get so much information from the various websites, youtube, whatever, I would like to get some lessons from our Sophisticated Indies.... Hint Hint!!

Please check the Events Calendar for online classes from IBN members Marla Bosworth and Joan Morais. They are amazing teachers with years of experience teaching people how to make quality soaps and cosmetics. I'm sure you will be pleased with the caliber of classes they offer, the efficiency of being able to take classes online and the reasonable prices.

Have you checked into them?

LOL Victoria I agree with you *Hint* Hint*!
Dia and Victoria:

OK, clue me in. I don't get the "Hint Hint"

What am I missing?

Ahh.. The Hint Hint comment...

Basically this was my way of trying to get some feedback from some senior members. Hint hint (wanna help).

You have since directed me to the class which I will take BTW Dia there is good class on June 25 for what you are looking for. You might want to attend and you can do it when time permits for you. Look under the Events Calender you should see if this may be what you are looking for.
lol @ Hint Hint

Thank you for the class info! I am soo excited I have my whole family wanting to get involved now.


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