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I really like the emulsifier Oryza Mul- 95% certified organic, but they sell in quantities that will make me swim in it (50lbs)! Do you think we can get 5 girls to pitch in and we each get 10lbs of Oryza Mul? It's good for up to 18months, and you'll need up to 5% of it, and It's somewhere along the lines of $500 for the 50lbs.

Please let me know @ 514-618-3295!

PS- My company is in Quebec, so don't be shocked to hear a french voicemail if I don't answer directly. I'm bilingual, so just leave a msg if I'm not around.

Thanks Ladies!



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Hi Naomi, I'm interested and I'm still experimenting with my sample of Oryza Mul.  Let's hope the results are satisfactory! Here's my phone number so we can all coordinate:  310-497-9103.

Maggie Mahboubian

Love it! Let's see if we can't get more ladies into it! If so, we could get smaller quantities for a cheaper price all around! :)
Have either of you figured out how to make the Oryza work?  Do you exchange evenly the oryza for the same amount of ewax in your recipes?  Does it keep your lotions and creams emulsifyed for the whole shelf life?

Hi Kelly, I've never actually used ewax before. But I do know that I use 5% of Oryza Mul in my water phase, and in 16oz, it's around 1tbsp and a half. You can call Ribus and ask for a sample which they'll happily send off to you. They send a package of 1lb.... I'm still on my 1lb bag, but it's dwindling down fast...

And yes, it stays emulsified for the entire shelf life. It also acts as a thickener, but it primary use is to be used as an emulsifier.

Let me know if you have anymore questions!


I'm currently testing out the sample I received but if all goes well, I'd love to share in the purchase of 50 lbs.  I'm centrally located (Kansas City) for shipping purposes and would be happy to take care of the splitting up and shipping.  913-515-8028


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