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Making Production More Efficient: Pre-Mixed Ingredients

I'd like to find a supplier that can pre-mix my oils...any suggestions?  I'm beginning to think it's worth the extra surcharge to have my oils pre-mixed and ready to go; particularly after a day of measuring, melting, pouring, and spilling.  :)  I'm not looking for pre-made batches of a suppliers blend; rather a supplier that will pre-mix MY blend.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Hi Brenda,

This is for cold process soaping, right? I don't know of any companies that will pre-mix your oil base blend for you, but even if you found one, my guess is that the price would eat a lot o your profit. Can your soap bars absorb the additional cost of paying someone to do this for you?

If you give your blend to a company to mix for you, you will obviously be required to divulge your blend, so you'll want a confidentiality agreement. This arrangement also requires the supplier to set aside resources to do this work for you. Since it's not in the ordinary course of any supplier I know to do this kind of work, they will likely charge you a pretty penny to do it for you. (If you're reading this and you do this kind of work regularly, please let us know!)

Could you ask a strong friend to help you? I know from experience how hard it is to lift, pour, measure, spill, mix, etc. If you are receiving orders of the oils, can you have someone come into your work area every week to do all of that for you? One caution about this option is that someone could be injured during the lifting and pouring process -- not sure you want to take on that risk.

Not sure how helpful I am being, but wanted to toss out some ideas.


I'm not sure what you use the oils for but could you mix your oils in advance and have then keep in a plastic jugs, therefore when ever you need them they would be ready and available?
That's what I do now...I make master batches ahead of time.  I thought I heard of someone getting their oils pre-mixed once before and was hoping this could be offered as an affordable service somewhere I may not be aware of.

Hi Brenda,

I agree with dM. I think this will cut into your profit margin and could be a major hassle to get done. I don't make soaps right now but do know many that do.  One of those soapers has a specific oil formulation blend that she uses for all her soaps.  Here is how she told me that she handles it.  When she gets her oils in, she takes the time to go ahead and measure them out and blend them accoring the the amount needed for her batch sizes so they are all ready to go for her soaping days. Basically she does the measuring and blending of oils step ahead of time to cut down on the time on the days she makes soaps. Is this making any sense? 


I don't know how large of sizes you order to use, but seems like you could do this, reducing your time of production and make them more manageable to handle at the same time.  Like dM said, you could get a friend to help you with the heavier containers if that is a need you have.  Another thing I highly recommend is the use of gallon sized pumps on any of your gallon sized containers for liquids (aka bulk sized oils in gallon sized bottles/jugs).  I use these quite frequently for my oils.  It not only makes for easier dispensing (pump vs.pour), it also means you are not opening and closing your gallon sized bottles/jugs as often which means less exposure to air and reduced oxidation risks.


I hope this has helped you a bit. 



Thanks Ginger, I do the same.  I don't measure my oils each time I make soap - I do it all ahead of time and store away.  In fact, that's what I'm doing today so was wondering. :)  I thought I remembered reading somewhere that this was an option but maybe not.  May not be worth the surcharge now but could later...

Hiya, Brenda...


It's such a bind weighing out the oils for soap making. I too, tend to do it all at the one time. Not sure I'd have someone out of the loop doing it for me though. Even with a factory type setting, I'd be too concerned that it might not be done with as much scrutiny that I give the task.


You can buy the white pails and lids from Lowe's at differing sizes according to the size of your batch. Mix each batch, leaving enough room in the pail to just add your lye water and trace ingredients etc. Soap can be made straight in the pail, then you can move onto the next one. It's a pain in the proverbial washing all the pails when your last one is done... but it does save time.


Sorry I don't have a way around the home weighing. Get a friend round, a bottle of bubbly, and have an evening of laughs with the scales out between you.



Reach out. Make friends. Let's lift each other!

Love the friend with bubbly idea! We can all make even the most difficult tasks fun. It's all in your perspective. Great reminder, Susan.
Thanks for the repy and suggestions.  Looks like I'll just keep on keeping on! :)
I like the bubbly idea too!  Reminds me of having bottling parties when you need a few more hands on deck.

Hello Brenda,


Mission Peak sells a pre-made oil blend  http://missionpeaksoap.com/soapquick.htm


I have not used it, but I have been intrigued


Deb Scanlan

Dang Deb! That is one hot tip! Thanks for sharing it.

would it help to put that in your product process? where one day every____( week, 2 weeks..) all you do is prep work?  that way when you do go into product you can do so rather quickly.  I hope this helps!


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