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Making Production More Efficient: Pre-Mixed Ingredients

I'd like to find a supplier that can pre-mix my oils...any suggestions?  I'm beginning to think it's worth the extra surcharge to have my oils pre-mixed and ready to go; particularly after a day of measuring, melting, pouring, and spilling.  :)  I'm not looking for pre-made batches of a suppliers blend; rather a supplier that will pre-mix MY blend.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I do that now.  I read of another person who buys her oil mixture custom pre-blended so was hoping to find some info.  Maybe it wasn't her own blend but the blend of the supplier.


I want to make doubly sure you see this link from Deb Scanlan:


I know you said you want your own blend, but this would save you so much trouble and back breaking agony. Can you consider using something off the shelf and save your custom recipes for your really high end line, and price them accordingly?

Thanks for sharing the link..I have to admit I'm really proud of my little formula. It's palm free which was one of my objectives and this one has palm. I'm going to do some research and report back! :)
OBN used to offer a pre-mix cp soaping oil base. It actually works out to be cheaper than purchasing all the oils separately and then mixing. You are not having to deal with the shipping charges and you free up so much space that can be used for other things. Unless you have a specially created, blend, then doing this, in my estimation, is far cheaper.
What is OBN?
Oils By Nature. They wholesale oils to soapers. But their website has been down for months now and it has become difficult to source a lot of oils, for me at least.
Hi Yoki - I remembered them having something and checked their site too.  I see they're down for now.  I ordered from them a number of months ago but I guess their e-commerce biz was having some trouble.  Maybe I should offer it as a service 'cause clearly there's a gap! ;)    Although I might be the only one interested... :)  Thanks again ladies - you're always so helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
You would not be the only one interested. It was a life saver for me in terms of money being spent. And they offered different base oils as well which made for a great variety. It is just an easier thing to deal with, especially if time is an issue, and space.


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