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Hello All my name is Taquasia and i really have the desire to create my own baby skin care line. i have so many ideas,that i know i will succeed. i just need some guidance in the right direction. as of now im in the process of purchasing my website template, im undecided if i should make the product myself or should i give my idea to a manufacture so they can create it for me? i just need help lol, someone please help.

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Hello Taquasia. Congrats on your new business venture!

To make or not to make? That is the question.
I say make! I made my own products when I first started. Making my products help me to become more intimate with my products. It gave me "hands on" experience and caused me to think more indepth about the design, content and image of my product and business.

You don't have to be a hair stylist to own a salon.
Honestly, you don't have to make your own products to have a thriving bath and body business. You can start whatever enterprise you like. However, making your own products gives you first hand experience on the height, width and breadth of your product line. Only you can determine the dimensions of Taquasia.
Hi Sophia,

Thank you for responding to me. And yes you are so right, i will make my own cream. and I really didnt feel comfortable knowing that the manfuctures would own my formulation because they made it in their facility.And ofcourse they say they wouldnt sell it to anyone else. So once your customer base started getting larger how did you handle the orders to keep up?
I have a pretty extensive cataloging system (that I created)...LOL
I'm laughing because you should see my cataloging system! It's a big raggedity binder.

Well, anyway, there are lots of cataloging and database software programs available but I chose to you the one that came with my computer. I used Microsoft Access to create my customer database, Excel to keep up with my orders, and Word (in a table) to catalog my recipes.

I'm sure there are more effective methods, because I'm an old secretary Microsoft just came easier to me. :-)

I agree with Sophia.  When you make your own products, you come to understand the uniqueness of each ingredient and what it offers to the end formula.  In the process of "finding your way" with each formula, you will develop confidence and other skills that you never imagined.  As the old adage says, "once you take the first step, the universe opens up to you".  In the beginning, you won't have all the understandings that you may need ... but each step you take and each formula that you create, will empower you.  As far as turning over your formulas to another company?  My take, never / ever give your formulas away.  That's your ticket.  Someone may have your exact formula, but I believe that no one can ever reproduce what you bring to the formula.  I call that "Divine Uniqueness" ... so go on now and create your masterpiece.  Work small, have patience, and never, ever give up.  Oh ... and don't be discouraged with the "mistakes".  You're bound to make them, as we all do.  You'll learn some of the most valuable lessons through your mistakes.  (One day I'll tell you of my "slop bucket" that turned out later to be one of my best formulas.  True story.

All the best to you



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