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I'm hoping someone might have tips for the following challenges I'm facing:

Beeswax Cleanup:  How does everyone clean up beeswax and other waxes after making salves, lip balm, lotion bars, and other products which include wax?  I find that I end up wasting a lot of paper towels trying to get the wax off, which is inefficient economically and environmentally.  I'm hoping there's a better way that someone can share with me.  

Removing Lotion Bars from Their Mold:  Secondly, I'm having the hardest time getting my lotion bars to pop out of the mold cleanly, especially when I used unrefined beeswax.  My mold has a cute bee design, which is the main cause.  I tried putting them in the freezer for 7 minutes and that seemed to work for one tray but then for the next it didn't.  I'm about ready to switch to plain smooth molds out of frustration with this (and with the messy cleanup as mentioned above) Any ideas?


Thanks Indies!


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Beeswax: try melting the mold or container upside down in the microwave, then wiping out the excess with a towel. I hope someone else pipes in!



Thanks Louise - that is a great idea but unfortunately I don't have a microwave :(  What can I say, I guess I'm a little old-fashioned!   




You can do the same thing in a warm oven or use very hot water poured into your melting container to get alot of it out and then wipe it down.



Heat your regular oven, Hanna... wait for the melt to happen, then wipe out with your kitchen paper, or whatever you usually use. Wash your container in hot water while still hot. That should make things easier for you.


And Louise... thank you so much for your tip. I have never considered turning the mixing jug upside down in the microwave when melting hardened residue. I love it!



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Thanks a bunch Ginger and Susan for your suggestions, I'll give them a whirl next time.  

As far as the lotion bar getting stuck in the mold  .. (if anyone else out there was having these issues too), I think I'm going to either have to use refined beeswax or include parts candellila or carnuba wax since I think it's the sticky nature of the unrefined beeswax that is causing it to get stuck.  

I've been making a great lotion bar with cocoa butter and orange EO that smells like oranges dipped in chocolate - if anyone is interested in having the recipe let me know!  



Hi Hanna,

I make a lot of products with beeswax. The best method I have found for cleaning the beeswax out is to use a heat gun. With the heat gun, melt all the beeswax and then wipe it out with a clean paper towel or old clean tshirts.

The best molds for lotion bars are the silicone. The lotion bars will pop right out. You might want to try oiling your mold with a little jojoba or sunflower oil or spray with canola oil (available at Trader Joe's).

Thanks so much Joan for all your suggestions - I agree, the silicone molds would probably be the best for lotion bars - now I just need to find one that will be the right shape.  Can you recommend a good supplier for them?  Until then I will probably try the oil trick to see if that works.   Also, the heat gun is a great idea!  Thanks again for your input!
Wow I'm interested in this also! I thought the only way was to do as you did. Lots and lots of paper towels. This has served me well but I do feel very wasteful.


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