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It's October 31 and you all know what that means. The Holiday Rush Begins NOW!  For most of us, this will mean a slew of activities with family, friends but even more so with our businesses. It's a super busy time of year for everyone but especially those of us who own and operate handmade focused businesses. 




We're making products, packaging products, shipping products.  We're doing that little bit extra for customers, trying to juggle it all with 2 hands when we really need 10.  We have holiday shows, holiday marketing, holiday pushes and specials...we are on the move.  We are MOVING IT!  We're moving it in production in the shop or studio, we're moving it selling to get it off the shelves and out the door.  And don't forget we still have all the family and home stuff that needs to be done during the holidays too. We're moving it on every corner and at every turn.  Heck, some of us are even moving it in our sleep occasionally.  Yes, you know that you know what I mean there.  Don't even act like you don't...LOL. 



It's just the way it is during the holiday blitz.  We really have to MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT.  Our booties and brains can get very tired during this season and our mojo lags just a bit here and there, especially toward December 25.  How do we get through it and move it wisely?  With a plan to keep us focused and intentionally having fun to make it.  Here's just a few do's and don't that may help.


DO have a plan that works for you:  If you haven't done so already, sit down and make a plan for your holiday rush. Whatever works for you, do it. Take cues or idea from others and use them to develop your own strategy for the holidays. Set the plan that fits your business and stick with it.

DON'T just wing it:  This never works out well and will result in overwhelm. I've done it both ways and I can tell you with certainty that winging it is not the best way to go. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN!

DO invest time in relaxation and rejuvenation:  You need to rest now more than ever. You don't do yourself, your business and anyone else any good by being exhausted all the time. Most overwhelm is because we are mentally or physically tired. A nice bath, a fun shopping trip, afternoon coffee with a friend, mindless TV watching...if it takes your mind and body away from the hustle and bustle, it'll likely do the trick.

DON'T try to do it all by yourself:  If you need extra hands, consider hiring holiday help or recruit family and friends for things that need doing but can be too much to handle this time of year.  There's no shame in asking for help. 

DO use socializing to your advantage but do it wisely:  We encounter many social opportunites this time of year.  Take advantage of gatherings when possible to drop your business here and there like tinsel on the tree. But be careful...Just a little adds sparkle and glitz...Too much will be gaudy and a turn off.

DON'T say YES to everyone or everything:  People and things will wear you out very quickly.  Use discretion when accepting invites, either professionally or personally. If there is no benefit there for you, your family or your business, you may want to pass on it. That may sound selfish but really it's not. It's just wise because you can't do what everyone wants you to do. IT REALLY IS OK TO SAY NO!

DO have daily fun time:  Whatever is fun to you, do it. Spend time with family, friends, crank out a daily funny, take a dance break, have playtime with the kids, whatever. If you're not having fun and enjoying what you do, it will show. Plus, no fun makes for a very dull and exhausting day.

DON'T stretch yourself too thin:  Have a schedule for working hours. Just because you have a lot to do for your business, doesn't mean that is all you should be doing 24/7.  Set business hours, make them known and stick to it.


Those are just a few things that I've learned can help with overwhelm. Try a little silly sass too... book mark THIS and when you need that extra motivation, click it and enjoy.


Do you have any advice to share on how to MOVE IT WISELY or avoid overwhelm?   Please....Share it here.  We all need help in this area from time to time.






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Oh Ginger, so perfect..the timing is perfect too! The one that stands out for me is:

"DON'T say YES to everyone or everything:  People and things will wear you out very quickly.  Use discretion when accepting invites, either professionally or personally. If there is no benefit there for you, your family or your business, you may want to pass on it. That may sound selfish but really it's not. It's just wise because you can't do what everyone wants you to do. IT REALLY IS OK TO SAY NO!"


I find myself saying YES to everything..Sometimes I wonder if I know how to say NO. I know there is that part of me that wants to please and make everything right. I am beginning to see and understand that I am not able to meet the needs of everyone and I am ok with that. 


Thanks for this..I have to re-read it again because it was so informative!



~NYC IBN Local Director

It is OK to say NO. Sometimes, the "no" is temporary too. There are just some times when an opportunity is super, but it's just not the right time for it. Giving yourself permission to realize that and act accordingly is smart. Go Melissa!

Sometimes I practice saying "no" in front of a mirror.  Or if I find it too hard to say no at the moment, I may say, "Let me gat back to you on that".  Then I think about it and if I decide not to do it, I have time to practice!

When you fly in an airplane the flight attendents tell you if the oxygen masks fall, you should put it on yourself before assisting others.  Something to remember.

Melissa, I understand completely.  I too had a hard time saying NO and eventually learned the hard way that you just have to say NO occasionally.  It took me a long time to say it and I still don't say it when I should sometimes.  But practice makes perfect, right :-)   Here was the key to learning this for me.  I had to face the fact that I can't be everything to everyone at every moment.  And....wait for it....I wasn't supposed to be!  I realized that every request was not my assignment.  I had to face the fact that sometimes my saying YES meant that someone else lost out on a blessing that was intended for them, not me.  I was miserable because I wasn't where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be and they were miserable for the same reason. I also realized that sometimes, my saying YES kept me from a piece of my destiny.  These revelations were HUGE for me. I haven't arrived yet, but I am on my way and that is progress. Baby steps and all that.


I hope this helps you some on saying no too.

Love this, Ginger! Thanks for sharing so many super tips. I don't make products, but I do seem to be in a mad dash toward some customer-related activity or other all the time. I love it, but over the  years, have learned to take breaks. Actually, what has helped even more than breaks is just not saying "yes" to everything. Two things are constantly at the fore:

1. What I don't do is more important than what I do do.

2. If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

I can't recall how I should credit those quotes. I live by them. We discussed them in details and with a focus on women in today's podcast where I interviewed author and business coach Dr. Linda Henman. I highly recommend!

Thanks for this great reminder.


Love those quotes!  They are so true. Like you, I love the mad dash of activity but I too have learned that you have to take breaks. Not saying YES to everything that presents itself is the key.  I've learned that I do have a choice and if it is not something I want to do, don't really NEED to do it or I have to unnecessarily deprive my family of my time or attention to do something, then its not really worth it to me.  Life is too short and time is too precious to be miserable myself or my little boy or husband to feel neglected.  But that is just me. Others may see it differently. 


Will listen to the podcast in a bit.  I never get to attend or listen live on most days (or nights) but having them at my fingertips is amazing and wonderful.  Thank you for providing that for those of us that can't make it "live".



I know it's hard to join everything live. I love making things available for download later so what I have to offer can better fit their busy lives! XO

dM, I so appreciate the downloads!

I agree, I love the downloads, thanks so much! 
These are all great tips! I would say that for me it's important that I start to plan earlier next year. I've very recently decided that there are some things that I just won't be able to do this year because I didn't start planning for it soon enough and I don't want to drive myself crazy. So, I'm prioritizing my sanity this time around! :)

My annual goal is to have products ready for this season by the end of August.  This year it was not done so well, with the farm/studio/home move (still in progress).  Plans in place no later than 9/15 generally for the holidays.


Sometimes the best laid out plans do not work...but at least they are in place and given priority.


Don't drive yourself crazy, Ruth!

Ruth,  your Moving It Wisely to prioritize your sanity this time around.  I think many of us have gotten behind or didn't get our planning done as early as we'd like to this year.  Oddly enough, holiday shopping has started much earlier this year and with it, all the other holiday events and other stuff has too.  I think this has contributed to many of us feeling like we are behind when really, we may not be...we've just timed our planning like we usually do. 

My goodness, some  have had Christmas stuff out since mid-September around here.  That is E.A.R.L.Y....even for me...LOL.  I suspect that this could be one of the reasons retailers are projecting higher sales for the holidays this year.  When you give folks a extra 2 months, that is bound to be the case.


I hope these tips are helpful and make your holiday season less stressful and more fun.  We all need a little more fun these days :-)




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