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Hi Everyone,

Would like to throw this out to the group at large:

I recently cold called a retailer that I thought was a 'match' for my products. 

The buyer agreed and then requested that I send a MSDS for each sample product.

Is this an unusual request?  Are MSDS sheets created for 'made' products?  I thought they were for raw materials only.

Looking forward to hearing any advice on the subject.

Thank you!


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We have MSD sheets for all of our products.

It's not an unusual request - as we've received requests from "end users"....  including schools, school districts, and universities that have our products on campus.  It's policy in many places to have an MSDS for every product on site.  This includes college campuses, and manufacturing facilities.  It's certainly true for spas and salon facilities.   Retailers don't often ask, but it's not uncommon - especially if your working with a co-op, or natural food store.

my best,


Thank you Julie.

Do I just follow one of the MSDS forms that are posted with the raw materials that I purchase from my suppliers?  Not exactly sure what to do...or do I just compile my supplier MSDS forms for every component that is in a product?

I am really at a loss as to how to proceed.

Thanks so much for your help!


Merilyn - I know a bunch of the MSDS seems intimidating, but if you break it down piece by piece... you know the info, can find it, or it's not applicable.  Perhaps you know a Chemist or someone in the Environmental Regulation field to help fill out one or two for your product to help you get the hang of it?

This site can help.


You can also google "Blank MSDS" and find OSHA Form 174 easily enough.

You fill in your contact info and all the rest if fairly straight forward.  Some of it won't apply to your product - depending on what it is.  Flamability, Health and instability hazards are all likely 0, (if it's soap)

Section 2 is about composition and information on ingredients.  Some of it (like exposure limits), you can simply say "Not available".    The Transport section (section 14) will be the same... though you'll use the words "not applicable" because most of the parts simply don't apply to you. (I assume).  Likely there's no DOT ID #, no Hazardous Substances at reportable quantities, etc.

The most intimidating sections (to me) are the parts where you say what to do in case of spill  or for first aid.  Use common sense and follow guidelines for similar products.  I admit that I have a huge advantage in this because my degree is in Environmental Resource Management and I'm married to a PhD Chemist. But lots of it... you know.  "Eye Contact:  Immediately flush eyes thoroughly with water, remove and contact lenses and continue to flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.  If irritation occurs or persists, seeks medical attention."  Skin contact:  Rinse with water.  etc.

I'll just tell you that you can do this.  Do your best, and get help from those in the know where you don't understand. Look at MSD Sheets for similar products and then have someone look at your versions to see if they make sense and are appropriately filled in.

It's a big task, and a bit daunting at first, but like everything else we do in this biz... you take a deep breath, and do your best - and find help when  you need it.  You can do this.  

my best,


Julie -

can't thank you enough for your detailed reply...ok!  I'll jump in and do the best I can...odd that this hasn't come up in previous discussions

dM - if you are monitoring - it would be great if you could find an expert (Julie?) to give the group as a whole a Primer on this issue...

best back at ya!




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