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I am seeking colored waterproof address labels to use on my essential oil bottles. I have only been able to find white. Any suggestions? Thanks! Liz Fulcher

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This was one of our biggest obstacles, so hopefully this will help you from banging your head against the wall.
BUY a colored laser printer! Easiest thing you could do and most cost effective, I promise:)
Good luck
Love from
Ali and Natalie @ Grace Body Essentials
Hi Ali and Natalie, Thanks for your reply. When you say a colored laser printer, do you mean a laser printer that prints in colored ink? It's the labels themselves that I would like to purchase solid colored onto which I'll print black text.
The two places I can think of. OnlineLabels.com Excellent people to work with and I think an Indie Sponsor or Member! Another company is Ripped Sheets. These companies have labels in different colors and many different materials. The color and waterproof could be an issue though.

We buy white polyester labels from Online Labels. We have a color laser printer. We can make the label any color we want. For example, if you would like the label to look like parchment, use an image of parchment paper for the background as a background image.

Another option that works for some people is to seal their labels with a sprayable poly coating.

Hope this helps.

Hi Liz:

If you don't go the printer route (great suggestion by Natalie), you might try two of the companies that sponsor this site:



You could also try Sherri Willson of Designer Label Gal. She's a member of IBN and leads our "Product Labeling Tips & Tricks Group" here.

Good luck!

Wish I could help you. The white water proof labels I bought are not so water proof. I was highly disappointed.If you find some let me in on it too.
Hi LYnda,

I am determined to find what I need, so if I do, I'll be sure to let you know!
i use a guy who designs signs, bumper stickers ect..and he can get vinyl paper or print it for me.. there should be someone in your area..also primera printers sell printers and labels that are water proof
I print my labels on the paper color I want. I then take them to my local office supply and print them out on their color printers, using my own waterproof labels. I don't know about your area but l pay 49 cents a copy, Colors come out
brignt and vibrant, and your color choices are endless.
joan Nomad Ethno
Try your local sign person, or one that has a large format printer. They do banners & vinyl and can run your labels & cut them to size on their plotter. Tell them you need them masked as well. We use this type of signs for vehicles ect. The thickness will only be about 2 mil. so it makes a nice label. Put your image on a disk or jump drive or email a pdf. They may tell you they need vector art, they don't as long as your image is larger than your actual label size. 300dpi will work just fine. They can load it into their graphics program & shrink it down to size and just cut around the image in a square or rectangle or whatever shape you may need. If you like I can do it for you and send the sized label back to you and you're good to go with the sign guy. He may want to charge you for to do that. It will only take a min. for me to do it. Free Bee!
Ink jet ones available at OnlineLabels.com
Thanks Laura!


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