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Just launched my newest line of soaps "Pin Up Girls" and looking for creative fragrance names for the line.  I'll group them into base colors:  black, red/pink, blue, purple, green, bronze/orange and yellow.  Thinking along the lines of, (for instance) "Screen Siren" for the reds....like that.

I'm offering a set of 3 girls for the best overall suggestions!  If you'd like to participate, please join the fan page and give us some ideas!  Fan page is here:



Let me know what you think!


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Hi Grace!


Beautiful, and what fun too!


It reminds me of this company. You may get some inspiration there. If I think of anything, will let you know too!



thanks dM....I recollect seeing that site some time ago....didn't remember it!  I think I'm getting a grip  on some names...already got one approach for wholesale...have no idea how to go about that...lol


Those soaps are so cute! I can't think of anything at the mo' but I will be sure to post some ideas if I find anything.


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