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Being new to the site, I haven't been able to get through everything offered on here yet. I did come across several people holding workshops, but it seems mostly hands on. Are there any online classes that offers training on aromatherapy and other ideas for creating products ect? If anyone knows, please respond, thanks.

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There are several listed in our events calendar at this link.

Also, if you see classes that are listed there that are not online, send an email to the host and ask them if they have any online classes that are not listed at the site.

Also, I would post your question on Twitter and FaceBook to see if you get any responses.

Finally, where are you? If there were in person classes in your area, would you go?

Thanks for the advice Donna! Happy New Year btw!
Oh yes....LOl. I forgot. I'm in Northern Va. Not far from D.C.
Hi Benita,

I'm offering online classes soon. You can sign up for my newsletter here to find out as soon as they are announced.

Thank you Marla! Thanks for inviting me to your newsletter too. Happy New Year!


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